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The Coolest and Trendiest Sports of 2019

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This year has been a big one for sports. We have encountered new extreme sports that can be done indoors and crazy sports from various countries around the world. We have also tried the newest athletic pursuits in exploring once unreachable territories just to pursue our passion. Here are this year’s trendiest sports that we tried and immediately loved:


Yeah, we know that you probably already have your own bicycle and use it frequently to get fit with your family or to take short rides around town. But have you used a bicycle for long trips or tried a racer bike to see how far you can go?

Today, cycling seems to be more fun because of recent infrastructures and pathways made exclusively for cyclists. Additionally, cycling can be inexpensive when you probably already have a bike at home. Just ensure that the bike is working properly and that it’s comfortable for you if you’re taking it for a long distance. Finally, wear the appropriate gear to avoid getting saddle chafe and to keep yourself safe.


Imagine yourself on a surfboard while being dragged along by a speeding motorboat. This is wakeboarding in a nutshell. The board is uniquely designed to have weights and fins so that the rider can maneuver it with their feet. A site like offers one of a kind boards and accessories for wakeboarding for your first wake boarding experience. This sport is inspired by snowboarding and is usually done on small bodies of water such as lakes. Tournaments for wakeboarding have become more popular in recent years because of the sport’s inclusion in the X Games and World Games.

Ultimate Frisbee

Remember playing frisbee during family time on the beach? Well, now it has become famous and the next big thing is coming to a town near you. Ultimate Frisbee transforms your regular frisbee game into a fast-paced competitive sport that will test your cardio big time! If you have great body coordination and feel like you are agile enough, give this sport a go!


One of the newest sports gaining fame is coasteering, which involves you moving laterally on a rope along a stretch of raging waters called an “intertidal zone.” This zone is the area above the water during a low tide and below the water during high tide. You can’t easily find this stone at a famous beach or a cliff near you – usually you have to hike, climb rocks and zip-line to reach this zone. This sounds like a fun way to kill boredom during the summer break, doesn’t it?

Although the sport was introduced by surfers from Wales a few years ago, it hasn’t yet reached popularity in North America. After all, it provides an incredible adrenaline rush and breathtaking Instagram-worthy posts as long as you bring your phone in a waterproof bag.

Obstacle Run Races

Tough Mudder is one example of this outrageous off-road course racing challenge that will surely be on your bucket list for the coming year. Some similar events to this are the Spartan Race, Rugged Maniac and Warrior Dash. You don’t have to be a pro runner to join this sport. Actually, obstacle course races include body weight management, climbing, quick thinking, teamwork and a bit of running. Prepare to get muddy but you’re guaranteed to have fun and you will have another good reason to focus on cardio training.

Whatever sport you prefer to engage in, always remember to enjoy and have fun. We hope that this list will inspire you to try a new sport next year. Be brave enough to venture into these new and exciting sports so that you can become the best version of yourself.

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