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How to Beat Boredom Over The Summer Break

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As every parent knows, the long summer break can be a hard time for moms and dads. The kids have been counting down to the start of the summer break practically since spring break ended, and they have high hopes of a long summer filled with fun. The problem is for parents that the long summer break brings a lot of pressure. How do you keep the kids entertained for all of those weeks? Don’t panic, yes the summer break may be a long one, but make a few plans, take it one day at a time, stay calm and it will all fall into place! Here are some ideas for activities to beat boredom and keep the kids entertained over the summer.

Make a Plan

At the start of summer break, it’s a great idea to sit the kids down and make a plan. This plan will be your summer bucket list. Your summer bucket list could be a poster, a list, a collage – whatever you like. Kids love doing this, as they get the opportunity to be creative, and excited for what their time off school will bring.

Your plan needn’t be packed with hugely expensive activities; it could include simple things such as go to the movies, go on a nature trail, have a water fight. The focus is on fun, and everyone expressing the things that would make their summer special.

Don’t Forget Childcare

As every work at home mom knows all too well, people expect you not to need any childcare over the school break. They clearly haven’t tried to work while the kids spend the day squabbling in the next room! For work at home parents, the summer break can be a huge source of guilt, especially if they feel that the kids are missing out on fun.

Take the pressure off of yourself, and book in some childcare so that you have some uninterrupted time to work. The kids are sure to love attending a summer club that’s lots of fun and matches their interests. If your kids love sports, basketball camps would be an excellent choice for them and a perfect opportunity for them to learn new skills and make friends.

Get Crafty

Having a backup plan for rainy days is always a great idea, and one way to be prepared for all weathers is to have some craft supplies ready at home. For summer, why not get the kids some scrapbooks which they can then fill with their summer memories, such as train tickets, photos, and use it as a journal. This will be a lovely item to keep for the future and to reminisce over in years to come.

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New Skills

The long summer break makes it an ideal time for kids to learn new skills. After all, they will have plenty of time to keep practicing while they are off school. The new skill could be learning to ride a bike, developing their swimming skills, or trying a new sport. Whatever skills your child decides to learn, it is sure to be a big confidence boost for them and an excellent way for them to develop determination and tenacity.

Backyard Fun

Video games can be a massive issue for parents to deal with over the school break. Whatever the weather you will probably find that your child would rather be sat up in their bedroom fixated on their latest video game than joining in with some family time. If this sounds familiar to you, you are probably desperate to get your kids out into the fresh air and being active. Backyard games are a great way of enticing kids to put the controller down and spend time with the rest of the family. They won’t be able to resist joining in when they hear the rest of the family laughing and having fun out in the backyard. 

Having fun outside with the kids gives you the chance to feel like a kid all over again. Why not have a water fight, shoot some hoops together, or play some badminton? There are loads of different options for outdoor play, and it provides an excellent way for kids to stay active and be outside in the fresh air. If you don’t have a backyard, why not take the kids to a different park each week, until you have visited each one in your area. The kids will love the sense of adventure and excitement that comes from discovering new places.