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How to Prep Your Car for a Road Trip

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When it comes to wholesome family fun, nothing beats going on a road trip. Whether you’re planning to catch the last rays of summer at the beach or going on a fishing trip down south, there’s plenty of good reasons for taking your family out on the road. But going beyond the fun, you as a parent should also make sure that your vehicle is in the best possible condition for the journey.

Apart from getting everything you need for a road trip, you still have to prep your car so you won’t have to deal with certain problems along the way. Doing so will not only help you save money but also reduce any risks that you and your family might encounter.

That said, here’s a handy guide for prepping your car and ensuring a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable road trip:

1. Check and update your documents

When’s the expiration date for your license and registration?  You will need to check and have them renewed if they’re close to their expiry date. Also, be sure to review your car insurance as well and bring all the necessary papers along for the trip — you never know if they will come in handy. In this case, be sure to plan the journey ahead of time so you can have ample time preparing all the necessary papers.

Here’s a bonus tip: before heading out on a road trip, you may need to come up with a list of emergency contacts to have on hand just in case. For sure, you don’t want to be involved in a collision with another car, but if it does happen, you may want to have the number for an attorney that can help in collecting claims on car accidents. You should have the number of your health and auto insurance providers with you as well. 

2. Check your braking system

Your braking system is critical to your safety on the road. That said, you will need to check your brakes for indications of squeaking. Also, check to see if the brakes are too hard for you to press down on or if the pedals go all the way to the floor. Either way, you wouldn’t want to sweep these issues under the rug, so it’s imperative that you have a professional check your braking system and make sure it’s in peak condition before you hit the road. 

3. Give your car a much-needed tune-up

Tuning up your car basically involves making performance enhancements. Though it might cost a lot initially, the benefits will outweigh the money you have invested in replacing your car fluids and repairing any issues that might have gone under the radar. While it’s possible to handle the tune-up yourself, it’s still best to have an expert look at it and do the necessary fixes.

4. Check your lighting

If your destination is far from where you live, a night drive may be unavoidable. Unless you’re thinking of staying the night at a lodge or a hotel, you might want to make sure your lights are working properly. This would mean checking not only your headlights, but also your hazard and indicator lights as well. Check for cracks on these lights and test them out for any indication of electrical failure.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you keep yourself and your family safe from whatever happens on the road.

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