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About Mandi

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You are probably wondering, “Who’s Mandi?”, “Who is this blogger?!”, am I right? I’d love to share with you who I am. I’m Mandi, a 32-year-old mom to three (2005, 2011, 2012) residing just north of Dayton, Ohio (near Cincinnati and Columbus). I had my first son just eight days after turning 18 years old – the same month that I graduated high school. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, who has been my rock and been there for the hardest moments of my life – my mom’s lost battle with cancer and my maternal grandmother’s passing. Together we have broken the stereotype of teen parents and overcome the odds of being special needs parents. Ultimately, if you ever hear my entire story, you’ll wonder why it isn’t a Lifetime movie!

I began blogging in 2008 and have loved to see my community grow over the years. My readers have seen me have two more babies, deal with working from home struggles, handle special needs parenting, and so much more. I truly hope that you will follow along both here and on social media and connect with me!

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Meet The Family

My husband and I have been married since 2006. We met in high school during the summer before his senior year and my junior year. We still wonder what life would be like had we not started seeing each other. It’s crazy to think of how much we have been through together. He is my rock and my biggest fan and supporter.

As a couple, we love to travel and explore new areas and places to dine. We enjoy movies as well as attending events and conferences/expos. You also can’t forget taking in some Reds games when we can! We’ve now traveled to Paris and St. Lucia (in the same year, woo!) and look forward to many more travels. Take a peek at my Bucket List and see what my big dreams are!

As individuals, Hubs loves video games and anything technology, as do I (I admit it, there’s just never any time to play said video games!). I also enjoy writing, working in the kitchen, being outside, and just hanging out with my family and friends.

About The Kids

Brenden (B)
– 14 years old – LOVES Star Wars, LEGO, Halo, Power Rangers, and NERF. He also loves to color, create stories and play video games. B was diagnosed very early in life with global development delays, and after years (and years) of therapy, has since graduated from all services! In 2018 we received a new diagnosis of Growth Hormone Deficient and are currently treating that with daily medication and monitoring his growth. When it comes to sports, he loves to play soccer and baseball (Go Reds!).

Gavin (G) – 8 – A ball of energy who doesn’t seem to stop making us laugh. Gavin is a huge fan of Reds baseball and will be playing football for the first time in the fall of 2019. He’s adventurous, loud, full of energy and always moving. Outside of sports, he loves video games and watching cartoons.

Haley – 7 – She is our princess. Our long-awaited little girl that we thought we would never have. She loves everything Disney Princess, Disney Descendants, and loves to sing and dance. Spring 2018 she began competitive cheerleading and loves it! She has expressed a real big interest in traveling, so I hope to do some mom-and-daughter travel with her!

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About This Blog

I have been “blogging” well before I ever thought about having children and being married and being an adult. Back in the day, there were places online where you could create “diaries”. Those were my home. Those online diaries were where I self-taught myself basic HTML, where I poured my heart out in public and private posts, and made a community that I loved.

This blog began as just something I thought I could do in between my duties as a mom and wife, just a hobby. Over time, it just kept growing and it led to so many opportunities. This blog is meant for every mom – the foodie mom, the crafty mom, the working mom – to find resources they can use every day.

I have a passion for helping moms find ways that they can work from home. Because much of my blogging career has some how branched off into business ventures and side hustles (like my virtual assistant business, designed specifically for bloggers or my ebooks), it’s exactly why I write about working from home.

You’ll also see an abundance of DIY beauty posts because making pretty things that make me feel pretty in return is kind of awesome.

I hope you find some great resources that help you as a mom and woman! Don’t be afraid to reach out to me, I love email!

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