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How Do You Communicate With Your Children?

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One of the keys to a successful relationship with another person is communication, transparent and honest communication will really help you improve a relationship, improve the mood of the household and make everything seem so much more comfortable in life. Even during a divorce or change of circumstances, you can follow some simple rules for keeping communication open and healthy. So if you find yourself in a position where you are reading Debra Schoenberg Family Law Reviews, you will still be able to make the process healthier for everyone concerned. 


This is important and somewhat obvious, but you will find that the other person is more open to talking if they can trust what you are saying. Naturally we are less likely to want to talk to someone if we feel unsafe, and that includes children with their parents, so being as open and honest as you can be with the kids is vital from the start, obviously within reason, little Billy doesn’t want to hear the ins and outs of your workday all the time! 

Clearly State What You Want

It’s all well and good HOPING that the kids will pick up their toys every single time they use them but let’s be realistic that isn’t going to happen often unless you clearly communicate what you want to happen, this extends to family rules and expectations. Children thrive on boundaries, and it’s been proven that if children have a clear understanding of what is expected, they are much more likely to cooperate and feel safe. 


We’re always rushing around as parents, constantly distracted by emails and Netflix box sets, but take time to focus on activities with your children, it will build open lines of communication, and they will benefit from time with their parents. Even if it’s a board game once a week, or watching a movie together, it all helps, and you will see the difference in your children almost immediately. 

Hear What They Say

We listen to our children, singing, and shouting and talking NON STOP all the time, but how often do we really hear what they are saying? Sometimes you might miss golden communication opportunities because you’re distracted, so try to focus on what they are saying and let them know you are hearing them. Of course, we’re all busy, and it doesn’t have to be constant, but children like to know they are valued and just hearing them out will boost their confidence too. 

Play Games

There are lots of games you can play with your children that will increase communication, games like Pictionary, Boggle, Scrabble, or even Monopoly will improve your connection with your children because you have to chat during these games anyway, you’ll find that they will always look to you for more once the game has ended, and it’s a great relationship builder as well as fun! 

Ultimately you know your children best if you sit for a minute and really consider what will get your child talking you already know, and if not then try some of these tips above to get you on the right road. Also, don’t forget children are learning about the world, so leading by example is by far the best tool, so remember to talk to your children as well, and they will speak to you too! Unless they are teenagers, that’s a whole different ball game.