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Games To Play On Long Road Trips

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Games To Play On Long Road Trips
These games to play on long road trips are sure to keep everyone in your family happy. Staying busy and making time pass easily is important when you are in a car for several hours with hyper kids. Music, books and toys will only occupy them for so long, and that’s when these games come into play.

Games To Play On Long Road Trips

Road Trip Bingo: Before you leave home, print out some simple Bingo sheets with pictures of things like specific road signs, car models, states license plates, landmarks and similar. Pass out the sheets and see who can spot those things first to create BINGO!

Here are a few BINGO games:
Free Road Trip Bingo – This Reading Mama
Travel Bingo – The Joys of Boys

I Spy: This is great for little kids, but can be fun for the entire family. Spotting something out your window, in the car or even on another car on the road can all be made more fun when you are playing a game to see who can guess things first.

Check out this I-Spy game:
Road Trip Restaurant I-Spy – 3 Boys and a Dog

License Plate Game: Make a list of the different state license plates you see along the way. For the person who spots the most varied plates along the road, you can give a prize or let them do something like sit in the front seat on the next leg of the journey or choose where you go for dinner at the end of the day.

License Play I-Spy game – 3 Boys and a Dog

Alphabet Game: Have your kids watch on road signs to see who can find all the letters in the alphabet first. It is much harder than you think to find some letters on road signs. You can give a prize, or just let that person relish the fact that they noticed before others did.

Card Games: Bring a deck of cards for some fun card games in the car. Old Maid, Go Fish and similar are easy to play with the various non driving members of the family in the car.

Who Am I?: This fun game is a great way to get to know more about celebrities, people in history or your own family members. Take turns with each person giving hints about someone special. You have to guess who they are talking bout just from the clues they give. This can be fun to plan for by researching some historical figures or celebrity facts and bringing a few cheat cards to help you with hints at who they are.

Truth or Dare: Be careful with the dare factor of this game so everyone knows to only do things that are safe and won’t hurt anyone. However, have fun with the wacky and silly dares as well as questions of truth that could be asked in this game.

When you head out on a road trip with your family, these games to play on long road trips are perfect for hours of cheap or free entertainment in the car. When batteries on devices run down, kids get through all of their books and music just isn’t enough you can whip out one of these fun games and have everyone happy and laughing in no time.

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