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The Miracle of a Mom and Daughter Vacation

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At the end of every cheer season are nationals – the BIG events that everyone looks forward to and spends hours and hours preparing for. This season, we ended things by going to Orlando! Unfortunately, the whole family couldn’t go but that was okay – we made the BEST of it by turning our big nationals trip into a mom and daughter vacation!

I also learned some things about trying to take an identical twin of yourself on a vacation. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Let’s start with how to plan your packing.

I try to be practical, I try to pack light and knowing we would have a washer and dryer we could use, I knew I could take less and wash what I needed. That idea didn’t really get through to Haley and at first, she thought she could take just about everything she owned “just in case”. Well, clearly that was me before I knew better! Make a list based on what you plan to do!

For us, we had things we HAD to take no matter what – cheer uniform, hairpiece, cheer shoes, and white socks. We knew we were going to do a lot of walking thanks to Disney so we made sure we had comfortable walking shoes. A couple of outfits, swimsuits and flip flops and we were good!

I think for us the hardest thing was deciding where to stay. Since it was a cheer competition, we could have stayed close to the venue like other families (which would have saved a little on rideshare costs we encountered), but I also didn’t want to stay where it might be super crowded. I wanted room to breathe and we definitely found it by staying at a Reunion Vacation Home.

The BEST way to show you where we stayed is to share the live walk-through that we did when we arrived. This was our very first time seeing our home outside of the photos online, and we both fell in love. Take a look!

We were a whopping TWO MINUTE WALK from one of the resort pools but quickly discovered that we could call the on-site shuttle to pick us up and take us anywhere on resort grounds. We took a little trip to the Seven Eagles pool and instantly fell in love!

This pool was huge and the PERFECT depth for Haley as she could reach the bottom throughout the entire pool. She flexed her swimming skills beautifully and spent hours swimming, going under water – she even taught herself to do flips underwater!

The pool had a cafe area for drinks and food which was perfect for several reasons. We had lunch there, ice cream treats, and I even enjoyed a poolside margarita while she swam!

We learned that we have very similar needs and wants when it comes to vacation homes. In short, they must be gorgeous, have great beds, big TV’s, lots of natural light, and there must be fun activities. Reunion Vacation Homes checked every single one of those off easily!

Another thing I had to plan was what we would do when not at the competition. Other than swimming, I knew we had a full day at Disney planned but also wanted to do some shopping and other fun things.

I kept her in mind and we ended up shopping, seeing a movie at Disney Springs, going to the Sea Life aquarium and Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. What 7 year old doesn’t love photo opportunities?!

I loved getting to spend time with just Haley. I loved ordering pizza and watching TV together, sprawled on the floor with no bedtime in mind and no worries. It’s something that I would love to see us keep doing as she gets older. Maybe someday we’ll go on international trips and we’ll explore the world together. I always think of my mom and how I loved going on road trips as a family to see grandparents, so it’s something I want to do with all of my children. Family road trips, mom/daughter, mom/son, whatever it is, I want to show them the world and I want to see the world through them. They have such an unfiltered and unbiased view of everything and always see where the fun is.

Thank you to Reunion Vacation Homes for hosting us and providing us with a media rate to make our stay more enjoyable!

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