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What’s It Like Being a Stay at Home Working Mom?

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What's It Like Being a Stay at Home Working Mom

I often get brushed off when I tell people I’m a working mom from home. I don’t sell anything but my words, but I have the task of working with four little ones, six and under at home. How do I make it work?

I pray each and every day they take a long nap. Most of the time it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I often stay way up late after the newborn has gone to sleep to finish my work.

Why do I do it? For years I’ve worked at jobs that demanded my time, even work at home jobs. One day I decided that being home and working, wasn’t about me, it was about my kids. If I wanted to be told what to do every second with my time I might as well work outside of the home.

Being a stay at home working mom means that my laundry is only done half the time. My social life suffers majorly. I only get a date with my husband every three months.

As a stay at home working mom, I don’t have super powers. I don’t often wear makeup. It’s a miracle that I get a shower every day.

However, I still manage to meet deadlines and feed my kids. Squeeze in an I love you to my little ones, nurse my growing infant, and see my friends from time to time. I’m not the perfect mom, wife, or writer, but I give 100% every day to every responsibility I have.

I guess my point is that working from home isn’t glamorous, but it’s a blessing. Long after everyone else has gone to sleep, I’m up typing away. I’m thankful for the chance to help provide for our little family. I’m thankful for a hardworking hubby who meets me in the middle when he can. Most importantly, I’m thankful I get to squish chubby baby cheeks and hear screaming toddler fights, and watch my four year old wear ridiculous outfits because I’ll never get this time back.

I’m learning to not focus on yesterday or tomorrow, but to be in the moment. To enjoy those moments that I’ll never get back and will once day long for. So while others scoff at my occupation or wonder why I’m not using my $100,000 education, I just smile because I know I’m living life without regret. We’re raising our children, paying our bills, and relying on God every step of the way.

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Wednesday 16th of January 2019

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