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Planning A Fantastic Kids Party On A Budget

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Children’s parties have gotten out of hand in the past few years. Extensive and expensive galas that are more aimed at impressing parents than kids have become the trend. Unfortunately for most families, those kinds of extravagant events just don’t fit the bill. And the secret is, kids don’t care about pomp and fancy, they just want to have fun.

Kids are focused on the day, the games, and the gifts so they could care less about intricate decorations and what’s going to be on the luxury buffet. Give your kids a hamburger and some games to play, and they will have the time of their lives.

When you are a parent on a budget, you want to plan a fantastic party for your kid and want to give them the type of experience that you can get with an event planner like There are a few tips to follow that can help you save some money.

Choose A Creative Location

There are plenty of places in every town and city that can be the perfect spot to host your child’s birthday party. You don’t have to rent out an expensive hall or restaurant to make sure that your child and their guests have a great time.

Look into reserving a spot at your local park or playground and have your celebrations under a pavilion. The nearby playgrounds can give the kids a lot of entertainment and room to run around and have fun.

You can take a small party out to your local zoo. There are often group or party rates available for families so make sure to ask about discounts. Spend the day exploring the fascinating life of animals with your child and a few friends and help them make some great memories.

Keep the Details Simple

You can do a lot of decorating yourself with a bit of creativity. Get your kids involved and have them help you put up decorations and even prepare some of the meals or snacks.

Keep it simple with some balloons and streamers; your kids won’t remember the decorations anyway. Spend the money that you save on memorable gifts for your child.

Skip the Extras

It’s become common practice to give every kid who attends your party a gift. Keep in mind that this is a bonus and not a party necessity. The gift that each child gets is attending the party itself. If you want to give out something in a gift bag at the end of the party think about simple and affordable things like a small gift certificate.


Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the thought that you have to turn your child’s birthday party into a theme park size celebration of a lifetime. A simple party with traditional decorations and lots of games and activities will give your child a special day that they will always remember. Your child just wants your time and being able to enjoy being the center of attention at their celebration.

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