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Family Time on the Beach

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Let’s Play, but all opinions are my own.

Faamily time at the beach

The beach has to be one of my favorite places. The sand between my toes, the ocean breeze, the smell of the salty water, everything about it screams relaxation and fun. I could live at the beach, hands down, without any issues. A small beach town with a small market, being able to ride a bike everywhere, it would be glorious. My family loves the beach too. Now, the kids are more interested in running until they collapse, splashing each other, and looking for shells but a mom can’t complain about kids who pass out after a long day of fun!

Walking along the beach is great exercise for anyone, but these kids have some serious energy and love to run in and out of the water and just all over the place. I did a post over at Let’s Play that will help you burn off all of that energy – 7 different beach games to play! Super easy games that anyone can organize and the whole family can join in.

kids playing in water at Wrightsville Beach

If you do go on a beach vacation and need a break from the sand, we love staying at a hotel that has its own pool. A calmer atmosphere, a place to not worry about waves and sea creatures. Just check with the hotel before you bring in toys and floaties. I love when a hotel doesn’t mind if young kids have floaties or bring in pool toys – they get bonus points from me!

We love traveling and going on vacation, and having young kids is definitely a different beast. They crave entertainment and hate to be bored. A little preparation beforehand, like packing sand toys or board games for rainy days, will help tremendously with vacation blues.

Take the #LetsPlayPledge

School’s out for the summer! Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway for the whole family or a stay-cation, it’s easy to incorporate fun, active play into your day. Keep track of the time you play together this month with the #LetsPlayPledge. How it works: Pledge to play a certain number of minutes per week and then get active!  Try a few ideas from the Let’s Play play library or follow Let’s Play on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for even more ideas and tips.


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