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Planning What to Pack for Your Vacation

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Once you have worked out where you are going for your family vacation and have booked everything, the next challenge is deciding what to take. Putting together your packing list is the best way to work out what you need to buy. So, the sooner you do it the better, which is why I have put together some tips to help you.

Beach and Swimwear

If you are planning to take the kids to the beach or a water park the whole family will need decent swimwear. So, get everyone to try on their suits and trunks to make sure they fit. You should do the same because you will need swimwear that is comfortable and versatile for swimming and playing with children. As you can see here most stores already have their full swimwear range in stock.

For moms, a tankini is a particularly good option. They look great, provide you with enough freedom of movement and stay in place even when you have to bend over to pick up a kid or a mess. Plus, if you want to, you can easily wear the top half with a pair of jeans or shorts to go to and from the pool or beach.

Dressing for the journey

When working out what to wear for the journey try to think about what the weather is likely to be like at both ends. You want everyone to be dressed in a way that enables them to stay comfortable at all stages of the journey. Usually, it is best to dress everyone in layers. That way they can adjust what they are wearing to suit the temperature.

Be prepared for travel hiccups

Nobody likes to think of things going wrong, but, unfortunately, delays can happen and luggage does get lost. Ideally, you want everyone to have a coat or jacket that can be rolled up and used as a cushion. Having to sit directly on a hard airport floor is really uncomfortable.

They can easily be tied around the waist instead of worn. Putting a t-shirt on under a shirt means if a case is lost, each person has two outfits they can wear at the resort until they turn up.

Be ready for inclement weather

Hopefully, the weather will be good during your vacation. But, it is wise to be ready for the odd rainy day. So, remember to pack a rainproof light jacket, closed-toe shoes and long pants or a dress for everyone. It also makes sense to pack something to keep the kids occupied in your hotel room. Here are a few ideas to help you to do that.

Put together a list of activities before drawing up a packing list

Putting together a packing list is the best way to make sure nothing important gets left at home. A great way of making sure nothing is missed is to first write down the activities you are hoping to enjoy. Once you have written your packing list go through it and ask yourself if it includes everything you will need for each activity.

Prepare a vacation shopping list too

Once you have your packing list finished, make two copies of it. One is for packing, the other one is to be used for shopping. You just need to check off everything you already own off of it be left with a comprehensive list of what you need to buy.

Where to find a downloadable packing list

Rather than write out a packing/shopping list from scratch, I suggest that you download one and edit that instead. Doing this is usually far faster and easier. You will find some really good ones when you click this link.

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