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Which Laptop Is Best For Bloggers?

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When you’re a blogger, your laptop is one of the most important things that you own. It’s what you do all of your work on, so it’s important that you’ve got the right one. There is a fierce debate in the tech world about whether Mac or PC is better, and everybody has their own reasons for using their chosen laptop. There are a lot of different benefits and drawbacks to each and it would take too long to really answer the question of which is better, if you could answer it at all. But when it comes to blogging, there are a few important differences to consider. So, which is better for blogging, PC or Mac?


The big difference, and one that PC users always point to, is the price. Macs are very expensive and you could easily pay thousands for the most expensive models. When compared with a PC, they’re way more expensive. Some people argue that you’re just paying for the brand while others say that they’re more expensive because they’re more powerful and they can do more. When you’re trying to decide between the 2, it really comes down to what you can afford. There are quite a lot of benefits to owning a Mac if you’re a blogger, but it’s a big investment. Often, it’s best to start out with a PC because it’s cheaper and then you can consider upgrading to a Mac later on when you start earning more money from your blog.

Writing Extensions

Another reason that people prefer PC over Mac is that you can write your own browser extensions and apps. That’s a big bonus for bloggers because it means that you have more control over your site and you can create great features for it. Most people use Notepad++ on PC to do this, and they say that Mac can’t compete because that software isn’t available. However, there are some alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac that you can use to do the same thing. So, when it comes to building your blog and creating features for it, there isn’t really any difference between the two. Most of the time, you’ll be using features on the blogging platform anyway.


Security is a very big concern for bloggers. If people can hack your site easily, they can bring it down and you’re not going to be making any money if your site is down for long periods. Security is especially important if you’re selling products through the blog because you’ve got the credit card details of your customers and it’s disastrous if you lose those. One of the major reasons that people prefer Mac over PC is that they’re more secure. There aren’t as many viruses floating around that affect Macs, they mainly target PC users. The security software that comes as standard on a Mac is better than it is on a PC as well. If you’re concerned about security, you’re better off with a Mac.

For bloggers, a Mac is probably better because it’s more secure and it also has better photo editing features that come as standard. However, if you’re just starting out, you might not be able to afford it so it’s best to start with a PC.

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