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Blogging Hacks For Better Security

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When you spend so much time setting up your blog and building it up to what you want, the last thing you want is for it to be taken down due to a security breach. Especially as security breaches can be prevented by increasing the security you have protecting your blog. Here are a few tips to increase your security.

Set strong passwords

When first setting up your blog or after reading this make sure you set a strong password. Most sites will tell you if it thinks it is strong enough when you set it up and advise on what to include to make it strong. When setting passwords for things more secure than your everyday life it is better to use a password you don’t usually use so that it cannot be guessed if any of your other accounts are hacked. Also, try to make it memorable but not linked to you or anyone close to you such as birth years and anniversary dates, because if someone gets access to your personal details they may be able to figure this out easily.

Check the hosting company’s security

If you are being hosted by an external source it is best to check with them how their security works and what security they have in place. It is best to check this as you do not have control over their security so if it is hacked it will be down to them to notice and resolve it, so getting to grips with the security they have in place can help you decide to use them or to continue using them to host you.

Install dedicated security software

If you are worried about others accessing your blog then you can install security software onto the site. There is software out there which will make the user trying to login verify their identity and only if they pass security can they login. A great software that does is Jumio, they have multiple options to verify a person, it can be by scanning their face or scanning in documentation such as drivers licence or passport to verify identity. With software like this installed it will give you peace of mind that unless someone has stolen your whole identity they won’t be able to login and take over your blog.

Keep your blogging platform up to date

Your blogging platform will release updates to your software and it is best to keep on top of this, you can do this manually or have it set up to do it automatically. Keeping your software up to date is crucial as they will add security updates in their major updates and if you keep these out of date it can make them more susceptible to hacking.

So when it comes to keeping your blog safe there are multiple things you can implement to keep on top of your security. The main one being verification software which will allow you to select who can log in and keep a track of who can access your blog. If you follow these tips above then you are well on the way to keeping your security watertight.

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