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7 Rainy Day Ideas While On Vacation

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7 Rainy Day Ideas While On Vacation

Sometimes you get to your travel destination only to find out the weather isn’t agreeable. These 7 Rainy Day Ideas While On Vacation will keep your family happy while you wait out the rain or weather. You never need to be bored on vacation when you keep these things in mind.

7 Rainy Day Ideas While On Vacation

See a movie matinée. Go to the local movie theater and take in a cheaper priced matinée of the latest new release movie that everyone is excited about. Matinée prices are lower, and it may be something your family doesn’t typically do when at home. Check the local theaters for any special ticket prices or events happening. You can also plan ahead for these by doing a little research before your trip.

Play board games or card games. Always pack a couple of your favorite board games or card games to enjoy when rainy days get in the way of your beach plans on vacation. Card games are a favorite since they are so small and easy to pack into your luggage easily. Some hotels provide games, condos may have some available, or you may need to plan ahead and bring your own.

Get pedicures. This is a great time to take your daughters with you to get manicures and pedicures. A fun spa day is just what everyone needs to cheer up. Pick matching colors, or let everyone get something unique that suits their personal style.

Go to a local children’s museum. Most cities will have an interactive children’s museum that will be a great place for the kids to run off some energy, learn a few new things and have tons of fun. They are also often fun for the parents to enjoy playing like a kid again for a few hours. I’ve seen quite a few locations have really fun children’s museums, science centers, and even the local library may offer free activities you can take part in.

Play at a local arcade. Whether it is an old school arcade game, or a fun video game center this is a great choice for the whole family. Parents can go back in time to their favorite arcade games from their youth, and kids can relax and play something they love with permission from their parents. This is a rainy day idea while on vacation that everyone loves. Also look for bowling alleys!

Bake cookies. This only works if you are staying in a hotel with a kitchen suite or a condo. However, it is a great fun way to spend a few hours on a rainy day. Making fun homemade or even simple ready made dough cookies is a great way to give the kids and yourself a much needed treat.

Rent movies and stay in for a marathon. There are always movie kiosks to stop at and rent a few movies to watch in your room or condo for an afternoon movie marathon. Buy some microwave popcorn and typical movie theater treats to enjoy together with your family.

These rainy day ideas while on vacation are perfect for keeping your family happy when all of the outdoor activities get rained out. You don’t have to miss out on a great time just because there is a little rainy weather in the forecast. Vacation isn’t just about going out to activities, but about relaxing away from home with your family and friends.

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