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4 Foods That Actually Accelerate The Aging Process

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None of us are getting any younger, but that doesn’t mean that we all age at the same rate. Sure, genetics plays a part in why some of the friends you had in high school look almost identical to their teenage selves while others look eerily like their parents, but that’s not to say that lifestyle doesn’t play a part. We all want to keep dipping into that fountain of youth, and many of us are prepared to pay through the nose to get there.

While there are a great many products on the shelves that claim to keep us looking younger and combat the signs of aging, they can be rendered entirely ineffective if we’re still eating and drinking the same things which can actually accelerate the aging process. We all know the aging effect that excessive alcohol and cigarettes can have on our skin and bodies but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you still have any of the following in your pantry, it’s best to give them away if you want to look and feel forever young…


Yeah, we all have a sweet tooth and indulging it every now and then with some home made treats is absolutely fine, but many of us have no idea how many hidden sugars we consume throughout the day. Breakfast cereals, condiments, all kinds of bread and even sushi have concentrated levels of refined sugars. The thing is, sugars are not abundant in the natural world and our bodies aren’t accustomed to processing them. When we eat more sugar than we can take, the sugar molecules can bond with proteins, triggering a process that can break down the collagen in your skin, making it less full and youthful. Moreover, all those empty calories will spread out your waistline and add to the weight of your breasts, causing them to sag (even if you lose the weight). You can either look into breast surgery options or cut down on your sugars… Your teeth will thank you as well!

Processed meats

Processed meats are type 1 carcinogens. That’s the same category as cigarettes! They also tend to have high concentrations of salts which retain water and give your skin that unflattering puffy look that we tend to associate with aging. They also contain sulfites and other artificial preservatives which can also accelerate the signs of aging.

Charred meats

We all have that one friend who likes their meat burned to a crisp even though it’s an affront to good taste and decency. There’s another very good reason why they’re in the wrong. Black chars on grilled or barbecued meat contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons which can also damage the collagen in your skin. By all means, grill your meat but be sure to scrape off the charred parts if you want healthy and youthful looking skin.

Trans fats

Trans fats are (usually) artificial fats like the hydrogenated vegetable oils found in margarine. Not only can these be damaging to your heart, they can promote inflammation of the skin and even make it more vulnerable to ultraviolet rays from the sun, causing it to age faster.

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