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What Makes Your Dog Unique? Check Out the Wisdom Panel® 3.0 Canine DNA Test!

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Have you recently adopted a new furry friend into your home? Do you find yourself looking at that new friend, tilting your head to the side and thinking, “I know you’re a dog, but WHAT are you?!” Well now you can know exactly what breed or breeds your dog’s DNA is! In-home dog DNA kits like Wisdom Panel® 3.0 are becoming more and more popular for learning more about your dog’s history.winnie_shadow_v3_front

Wisdom Panel® 3.0 from Mars Veterinary provides more than just a look at what breed your dog is, it will also provide you with a predicted weight profile and important information about the potentially life-saving MDR1 Genetic Mutation screening.

You know that you can’t just look at a dog and say with a definitive answer, “That dog is a German Shepard.”, it just doesn’t work like that. There’s only 25% accuracy in that! With a test like the Wisdom Panel® 3.0, you will know for sure what your dog is – and that information can be so beneficial to learning more about their health and behavior!


Arizona Readers! On December 5 at the Amazing Pet Expo Holiday in Scottsdale, AZ  you can learn more What a great opportunity to learn more about the DNA test, how it’s performed, when you’ll have results, and any other questions you might have!

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Be sure to talk with your own vet if you have questions about the results of your canine DNA test.

This post has been sponsored by by Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel 3.0. All opinions are my own. 


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