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DIY Yarn Penguin Craft

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DIY Yarn Penguin Craft

I love penguins! They are the cutest little “winter” themed animal (I love them year round though) and they are my favorite exhibit at any zoo or aquarium. If you love penguins as much as I do, or just want some cute little figures for your little ones to play with, this DIY Yarn Penguin Craft is perfect for you! Make one or make a bunch, they are easy to make and so adorable! Your kids will love to help you, so help them make their own penguin to add to the family!

DIY Yarn Penguin Craft

DIY Yarn Penguin

1 plastic grocery bag
Black Yarn
White Felt
Black Felt
Orange Felt
Googly Eyes
Masking Tape
Hot Glue

1. Flatten a plastic bag on a hard surface and roll it into an egg shape. Begin by grabbing the corners and folding them into the center, and continue until you have an oval/egg shape. Secure with masking tape.

How to make a yarn ball penguin

2. Wrap your egg with black yarn. Secure by slipping under another piece of yarn or hot glue if desired.

Make a penguin from yarn

3. Use orange felt to cut out a small beak and two feet.

4. Use white felt to cut out a small round belly.

Felt shapes for penguin

5. Use black felt to cut out two wings. Initially I wanted these wings pointed, as shown, but ended up rounding them after I attached them to the penguin.

6. Use hot glue to attach the eyes, belly, beak and feet to your penguin.

7. Tuck the wings under a few strands of yarn on the side (if possible, it really all depends on how you string your body) and secure with hot glue.

8. Enjoy! He’s so stinking cute! You could make for a solo decoration, or make a whole bunch for a fun collection of little penguin friends!

DIY Yarn Penguin

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