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Team Kellogg’s Tips for a Great Start

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I’m not a stranger to hectic mornings – lost shoes, school papers to sign, coats to zip and a bus to catch are just a small part of our typical morning routine. With one elementary student and two toddlers who wake up as soon as the oldest leaves for school, the mornings are pretty non-stop around here. So each morning, I like to be prepared. That’s why Kellogg’s and I are teaming up this winter: to ensure we all get off to great starts when we need them the most. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing tips from TeamKellogg’s, and letting you know how these valuable pieces of advice help me stay on top of everything in our busy household; like planning for snack time and exercising together! Simple things that you can implement right away to start each day off right!

One tip that I will be sharing soon, is how I set positive examples for my daughter, Haley. Having a girl after two boys has certainly yielded a special relationship between the two of us, but after losing my mom to cancer when I was only 17 has really pushed me to grow the relationship I have with my own daughter. She’s not even two years old, but we have a bit of “monkey see, monkey do” right now, so the things I do, say, and eat are all reflected in her like a mirror.

Take a look at this Kellogg’s Tip for a Great Start:

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more tips. In the meantime, check out more helpful tips from Team Kellogg’s at

Kellogg’s® believes that From Great Starts Come Great Things®. So we’re helping Moms start every day with a tip from the top athletes of Team Kellogg’s™ and Team USA dietitians. The thirty days leading up to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will each feature fun pieces of advice to help families fuel just like the athletes of Team Kellogg’s. To see all 30 tips, visit

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