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Tackling Nighttime Accidents With A New Sidekick

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This post is sponsored in partnership with Ninjamas. 

As a mom of three, I thought I had been through it all, that nothing could surprise me. Of course, I was proven wrong. While potty training itself wasn’t difficult for us, we do have to experience the not-so-pleasant nighttime accidents that happen from time to time. 

In all honesty, I just didn’t know what to do at first. When you look for advice on the Internet, there is a LOT of it, and so many articles about doing this and trying that, it was overwhelming. Nighttime accidents are common, it happens to a lot of kids actually – five to seven million in the U.S. alone wet the bed some or most nights. Just knowing that you aren’t alone in this is comforting. 

For us, bedwetting is an occasional thing, but it’s often enough that it causes a rise in loads of laundry and middle of the night bedding changes. Because of this, we’ve tried different wearables and mattress protectors and bought extra bedding. All of this combined can get costly, so along with that, we’ve worked on building confidence and creating good habits. 

Good habits in our house include limiting liquids before bedtime, visiting the bathroom right before bedtime (even if there’s the complaint of “but I don’t have to”, in our house you at least try), and staying positive. Accidents happen, it’s okay, let’s not make a huge deal about it and draw attention to it (which is a confidence killer), and let’s just clean up and get on with our day! 

Ninjamas Nighttime Underwear have been a true gift to our nighttime routine. Not only do they offer all-night leak protection, but they also aren’t bulky and look like real underwear. To a young child, that can be a big deal. We treat Ninjamas like a ninja sidekick – there when you need them, but without anyone knowing. Instead of waking up and having to deal with changing bedding and pajamas, if he has a nighttime accident, it’s contained and he can handle it himself and be on with his night, like a sneaky ninja no one even knows about! 

As kids get older, nighttime accidents can be a struggle when staying overnight at a friend’s house, or when traveling. If he’s still having the occasional accident and we stay in a hotel, or he’s at a sleepover, he can be confident in knowing his Ninjamas will prevent smells with their OdorMask technology, he won’t draw attention to himself, he can keep having fun, and if he happens to have an accident, he won’t be embarrassed about it. 

Nighttime accidents were just another obstacle we’ve been able to overcome, with special thanks to Ninjamas. I’m hopeful that our experience can help anyone with older kids facing this common issue. 

If you’d like more information on bedwetting, Ninjamas has some resources for you to check out. Explore their website for tips, product information, more reviews, and coupons!

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