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Raising Cane’s Makes For Dinner Magic

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Thank you to Raising Cane’s Ohio for sponsoring this post! 

When you have three kids to feed, don’t want to deal with individual orders, and want it fast – you should take a trip through Raising Cane’s drive-thru for one of their tailgate orders! If everyone can agree on chicken and fries, then you can pick up 25 chicken fingers, fries, and a big gallon jug of lemonade and have dinner ready in minutes! If you have a huge crowd, you can order even more but for a family of 5, 25 chicken fingers left us with leftovers for the next day.

Raising Cane’s is open for carry-out and the drive-thru is open whenever you need some delicious Cane’s sauce. See where your closest location is and consider this for your next family dinner or on-the-go picnic! 

I love how our food was still warm when we got home – about 20 minutes after placing our order at the drive-thru window! We had plenty of napkins, and so many cups of Cane’s sauce! If you’re planning to turn your meal into a picnic, all you really need are disposable plates and cups and you are good to go! Raising Cane’s makes it easy for families to enjoy a meal together, and I think the next time we are looking to get outside and go to the park or for a nature walk, we’ll time it just right to coincide with lunch or dinner.

Want to know what I do with the leftover chicken fingers? So, we haven’t had a microwave for like two years now, so “warming up leftovers” is a little involved but I know for a fact that when you use the oven, the food is just so much better! I line a cookie sheet with foil, throw the chicken in at 400* until heated through. It takes maybe 10-15 minutes, you get some of the crisp back and you can easily serve as is or chop it up for a quick salad addition. 

You can plan ahead and make your visit even faster by viewing the Raising Cane’s menu online, so have everyone place their order before you even get there. If you do a tailgate order, call ahead! You don’t have to, we ordered right at the drive-thru and only waited a few minutes, but if you think they might be busy and want to call and schedule it, go for it!

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