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Stupid Money Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Next Vacation

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As soon as summer rolls around, you feel the urge to book a flight and head off on a two-week vacation. No matter the situation at home, it’s almost as if you’re not going to make it through the rest of the year if you don’t go on holiday. Pretty much everybody can attest to the accuracy of this statement!

The problem is money – you don’t have fortunes to spend. On vacation, it’s nice to splash out and treat yourself because you don’t get many chances. However, going overboard money-wise is a sure-fire way to ruin your vacation; plus, it puts you in a tricky place when you return home.

You’ll be glad to hear you can stop your budget from impacting your holiday – all you need to do is cut out the small, common mistakes, and here there are.

Never Feel Obliged

Once you land, it’s almost as if you’re obliged to buy something. Usually, it’s a mix between the holiday feeling and pesky vendors trying to sell you something. If you don’t need it, it’s not a savvy purchase and you should keep your money in your pocket.

The way to do it is to think about the reward. Are you hungry? Do you have something like it at home? Is it too expensive for what you are getting? If you think there is no real value in it then don’t show interest in the first place or else you’ll convince yourself it’s necessary.

And, don’t let the locals bully you into anything. When they get aggressive, walk away and say “no thanks” firmly while being polite.

Don’t Pay For Things At Home

You’re not there so it’s pointless. Obviously, some things are non-negotiable because you’re tied into a long-term contract, such as energy bills and mortgage, but others are negotiable. Look into your subscriptions and ask whether they are necessary abroad. For example, you don’t need to pay ten bucks a month for Spotify on holiday. You might not get reliable wifi so it’s pointless.

Another tip is to balance your debt. Yes, you have to pay debts or face legal action, but there are ways to cut down on unnecessary fees. A good one is to apply for an online loan and consolidate your debts. That way, you won’t fork out for multiple interest fees and late payments if you forget a deadline.

Remember you only have to do without for two-weeks maximum so it’s not a huge sacrifice, but will save you a significant sum of money. And, you can freeze subscriptions and restart them when you get back.

Don’t Pay For Things You Can Get For Free

Certain things are essential on vacation because you’ve become accustomed to them at home. An internet connection is something you can’t live without because you’ve got to post a jealousy pic on Instagram to rub it in and remind people you’re not working.

Unfortunately, wifi isn’t readily available and you can’t use your data because it costs a bomb. Still, resist the urge to pay for a data passport and find a place where it’s free. Coffee shops and restaurants are the usual suspects and you don’t even have to buy anything if you want to be uber-thrifty.

The same goes for water. Bring a filtered bottle and use the tap water to avoid buying agua constantly.

Carry A Charger

Yes, there is a link between your phone and your bank balance. In today’s culture, everything is linked to your cell and you need it to check into hotels, board flights and catch trains. Without a fully-charged battery, you won’t have the ticket or the booking confirmation and will get turned away.

Paying extra for accommodation and transport is stupid, so make sure you have a backup plan. The most obvious is a portable charger that you can plug your handset in anywhere and give it a boost. Pay a few extra dollars and buy one that has enough juice to charge your phone multiple times. 

Remember to plug it in and to pack it in your carry-on as well so that you’re always ready to rock and roll.

Travel Alone (Or In A Couple)

Essentially, don’t travel in threes or any odd numbers. Why? It’s because you can’t split things equally and usually have to pay for extras to make it fair. Take a hotel room as an example. They fit two, as a rule, which means you’ll have to fork out for a third.

At least as a solo traveler, there is always a bunk bed in a dorm that won’t break the bank if you don’t have a partner in crime.

Always learn from your mistakes so that you don’t mess up and ruin a vacation you’ve been waiting for for months.

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