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Staying Proactive While Out of Work

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The last thing anyone wants is to be unemployed. Not only is it a dangerous financial situation, but it’s boring and soul-destroying. Yep, all you have got to look forward to is constant job applications and more rejections. Yippee! Jokes aside, unemployment is a difficult period in a person’s life, but it can also be a silver lining. While out of work, there are actions you can take to set your career up for the short and long-term. It might not seem that way now, yet it’s the truth.

These are ways to stay proactive, boost your chances of getting a job, and kick-starting your career.

Over Qualify

One of the reasons employees hire other candidates is their resume. In basic terms, they have better qualifications and experience which puts them ahead of the curve. However, just because you don’t have both of those attributes doesn’t mean you can’t secure them. Indeed, being unemployed is an excellent time to enroll in an online supply chain management course and fill the gaps in your knowledge. Supply chain management is just an example, and you can choose any program which catches your eye. Try and find one that is intellectually stimulating and provides hands-on experience.

Work Online

While you spend the morning filling out applications, use the afternoon to sharpen your practical skills. Nowadays, almost every career path has a freelance option which allows you to take part online. From blogging to investing, there are lots of websites which will gladly accept your help. Even if it’s a volunteer role, there are plenty of benefits. For one, it looks great on a resume. Secondly, it keeps you active and current. Thirdly, it’s more interesting and exciting than watching daytime television! A quick Google search should provide you with all the info you need to get started.

Join An Agency

There is no doubt that you can do it alone, but everyone needs a bit of help along the way. Agencies are full of professionals who know how to secure vacancies for their clients. Not only do they have the skill and experience; they have the contacts too. As the saying goes, business is not what you know but WHO you know. Another reason to join up is the element of structure to life. Unemployment can be boring because there is nothing to do and the hours start to drag. As an agency member, you will be in contact with them on a daily basis and completing tasks that they set.

Work Out

It might seem like it has nothing to do with finding a job but that is not true. Being unemployed is about staying positive and looking on the bright side of life. As soon as you feel depressed, you stop doing the things which will secure you a job. By exercising, you release endorphins into the bloodstream which boost your mood. Also, it’s an excellent way to relieve tension and stress.

See, unemployment isn’t the end of the world.

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