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How To Work Through a Blogging Rut and Still Gain Followers and Increase Traffic

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Tips For Working Through a Blogging Rut and Still Gain Followers and Increase Traffic

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No matter what you’re writing about, or what your niche is, every blogger wants the same thing; followers. They want to know that their voice is being heard and people are enjoying their posts. But, every blog gets into a bit of a rut now and again, so don’t be afraid of losing your audience. Use it as an opportunity to bring new and exciting things to your readership. Here’s how to get and keep the followers you want.

Keep Posting

One of the most important things you can do to keep your followers interested and gain more readership is a steady stream of content. It’s a basic rule of blogging, but many bloggers believe they can post anything and everything just so their followers have something to view. Stick to your niche and try to be thought-provoking.  The most successful blogs are the ones with innovative ideas and industry firsts.

Shout About Your Work

Just because you’re writing a blog tailor-made for a specific audience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that audience will always find. You need to promote your blog externally as well. Luckily, the majority of website building sites come with tools and widgets you can use to advertise your blog off-site, making it easy for the most novice of bloggers to shout about their work. You can also use social media sites to spread the word. If your content is good enough, it should share itself.

Do Use Visuals

Sometimes, you need an eye-catching visual just to get your audience interested in the rest of the content. That doesn’t mean you need to be taking pictures of everything and anything whenever you leave the front door. Take a look at the latest free stock photography and find some images that apply to what you’re writing about. Of course, you could always get creative and post a vlog instead, so your audience can listen to you rather than taking the time to read.

Allow Your Audience to Engage

Everyone has an opinion and most people want to air it. Allowing your blog to become a community for your followers means your content will get far more engagement. Having a comments section or forum is a great way to connect with your audience and find out their thoughts on what you’re saying. You may even come across some inspiration. It should also be easy for your followers to share your posts, so they can gather opinions from friends and family. This usually leads to more followers for your blog.

Call to Action

Every blogger wants their content to be shared by their followers, but many make the significant mistake of not asking them to do so. Many bloggers sit back and wait, taking each share as a point towards the success of each post. But, some followers just need to be reminded that they can share and they should. Some may share voluntarily, but many more will share because they’ve been asked. Always leave a gentle reminder to share at the end of each blog post.

Try a Guest Post

We all have times when our writing becomes a little less than interesting. If you’re worried that your audience may find a better or more interesting blog while you’re going through a writing lull, why not consider using a guest post? It’s a great idea to have a fresh perspective on a blog so you and your followers can see things through different eyes. Even if you’re still enjoying your writing, guest posts can cover you when you’re feeling ill, taking a holiday or feel you just don’t know enough about the subject. That way, there are no gaps in content.

Optimize Your Site

Last but not least is the dreaded SEO. Unfortunately, you can’t have any type of website and expect to be found by potential searchers without it. And, the rules of SEO are continually changing, so you have to keep up with what’s happening if you want your blog to stay relevant in searches. The majority of website building sites will give you basic help when it comes to SEO, and with social media advertising, it could be enough to gather a small following. But, if you want to gain as many followers as possible, you may need some advice from an SEO expert. Keywords will only get you so far when Google algorithms are involved.

Stay true to your blogs roots and be as original as possible if you want followers to stay and share.


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