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Self-Care with CBD Skin Care

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This post is sponsored by Uncle Bud’s and product was provided to facilitate an honest review. 

“Treating” ourselves isn’t just a fun catch-phrase for paying attention to ourselves, it really is about taking care of yourself and paying attention to what you need. Sometimes what we need isn’t more water, or a snack, but 20 minutes out of day to just do nothing. What goes better with “doing nothing” than putting on a face mask and forgetting the world? Absolutely nothing!

Face mask time should be on every girl’s schedule. If you can catch up on Netflix, you can pick out a face mask to put on while binging and really “treat” yourself. I was recently introduced to Uncle Bud’s hemp face masks and really love the ones I’ve tried. I love when a face mask is refreshing, smells great, and leaves my skin feeling smooth. These masks do not get you “high” so don’t even think that way, instead they each have different benefits and smell amazing!

Uncle Bud’s Hemp a hemp face mask gift set which is the perfect way to try all of them and give them as gifts! They have so many other products too, like an apricot face scrub that I’m already almost out of it’s that good. Whether you want to indulge with face masks and skin care, or you want to try hemp pet care, Uncle Bud’s has products that are worth checking out. 

The face masks contain hemp oil, which is supplement rich –high in Vitamins A, D, E & high in antioxidants. Hemp oil contains a natural source of essential Fatty Acids –Omega-3 and Omega-6 and is a natural Anti-inflammatory –Rich in GLA (Gamma-Linolenic acid) an omega-6 fatty acid. The FAQ section on their website is full of information along with blog posts to help educate as well. This post in particular is a great read as it’s all about CBD and skin care

Check Uncle Bud’s out! This is my first experience with CBD skin care and I’m a big fan of how my skin feels after trying the apricot face scrub, daily moisturizer and the face masks! When ordering, be sure to use coupon code IG20 for a nice 20% off site wide!