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How to Use Your Blog to Start a Writing Business

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As a blogger, you spend a lot of time crafting posts, articles, and other forms of content for your readers. If this is one of your favorite parts of the job, and you would like to earn additional money doing it, you may want to consider beginning a writing business.

Read on to find out how you can leverage your blog to create a successful business as a writer!

1. Add a “services” page to your blog.

Let brands and PR reps know you offer writing services right when they land on your blog. Add a tab to the navigation menu, and fill the page with the info about your business. Inform the reader of your skills, experience, rates, and what types of content you offer.

2. Let your blog content be your samples.

When hiring a writer, many clients want to see a sample of your work. If they visit your blog, they will likely look over your recent posts for a grasp of your style and tone. Make sure your top posts are well written and free of grammar and spelling errors, so you don’t turn away potential business. Also make sure your own blog is updated regularly, including your social media accounts. If you have great interaction on a specific network because of your great stories and thought-provoking questions, you could even consider offering social media posts to other bloggers to help build their community.

A great way to showcase various topics you enjoy writing is to create a page on your blog with direct links to the posts. You can organize them however you’d like, but it’s a simple online portfolio you can use to show potential clients to land new gigs!

3. Contact small businesses you’ve worked with.

If you have done a product review for a company or work with a PR firm regularly, these people may be looking for content! Use the networking and connections you have made with your blog to market your writing business. You especially want to target brands that have a blog as part of their website. They likely need regular content to keep it going! Writing content for others is a great side hustle and can build your portfolio at the same time.

4. Offer your writing services to other bloggers.

One of the best ways to kick off your writing business is by creating content for fellow bloggers. We all need to publish regularly to keep our traffic, and some bloggers just don’t have the time to write, edit, photograph, and promote by themselves. You can be the perfect solution! Be prepared to use your own blog as a writing sample and let your blogging friends know that you are available to help with creating evergreen content. They can keep you in mind for when they have a need, or pass your name on to others who are seeking some writing help.

There are dozens of closed and private Facebook groups for finding content writers. Some require you to submit samples and references as part of their vetting process, but that just ensures the buyers are going to receive quality content at fair prices.

A few groups that you can check out:
VA for Hire and Pinterest-Friendly Content for Bloggers
Va’s Buy, Sell & Barter Group
Blog Content Couture

5. Make it easy to contact you.

Have a dedicated contact page that is listed in your menu. If you offer a contact form, be sure to include your email address on the page as well. Some people prefer to send an email, and it will allow you to be reached even if your form isn’t working correctly.

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