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How To Make Money Blogging with Sponsored Posts

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I believe that with the right plan, you can start making money with your blog from the very beginning. You don’t have to plaster ads all over the place, but you can be strategic and start generating income that will grow and grow. I’m rounding up some of the top ways and places that I know to show you how to make money blogging.

Make Money Blogging With Sponsored Posts

My advice is to join all the networks you can, keeping in mind that some will have minimum requirements that need to be met before you can join. Diversify your income opportunities. It won’t hurt anything to sign up for all of these so you can apply to campaigns and opportunities that appeal to you.

IZEA – IZEA pays per social message and also offers sponsored posts. It’s worth it to sign up and take the time to fully complete your profile (don’t forget keywords) and to keep an eye on the open campaigns you can bid on. I’ve seen things range from $1 a tweet to over $100 a tweet, and sponsored blog posts anywhere from $25 to $400+. IZEA is consistently one of my favorites for bringing in extra income each month.

Linqia – Linqia offers sponsored posts that are paid on a pay-per-click method. Great content that you promote well can yield the full campaign compensation, so if you do land a campaign, take your work seriously! Create something good, promote it wisely, and you’ll be earning in no time.

Clever Girls – A great place to apply for sponsored posts. Make sure to install their badge so your traffic numbers are correct in their system and sync all of your social media accounts so those stats are tracked as well.


Pollinate Media Group

Weave Made Media

Social Fabric

Massive Sway/SITS




Best Buy Blogger Network (pay is in Best Buy gift cards)

Find Your Influence

Influence Central (pay is with gift cards and occasional PayPal)

Tip: Make sure your profiles with these platforms are 100% complete and that you’ve linked all of your applicable social media accounts. Monitor them on a regular basis for campaigns you need to apply for, and to make sure your stats are up to date. Install all blog badges and special codes that are required.

Wait… you haven’t started a blog yet?! Let me help you figure out how you can start your blog TODAY!

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