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The Basics of Organization For Bloggers

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Many people think of blogging as an easy side hobby, but what they don’t realise is that running a successful blog is actually just like running any successful business. Bloggers are entrepreneurs and need to manage their own time and resources carefully in order to turn a profit. Whilst being able to blog from the comfort of your own home can be liberating, it can also be difficult to practice proper time management and ensure that you’re not only ticking things off your to-do list but also pushing above and beyond to meet your goals.

Here are some organization basics that when practiced with a little self discipline will enable you  to lift your productivity and take your blog to the next level.

Plan ahead
It can be tempting as a blogger to take each day as it comes and act when inspiration arises but to really make a career of blogging you need to begin forward planning. Don’t just plan the day ahead but also plan your week, the following month and even some content ideas for the rest of the year. The further ahead you plan the better picture you will be able to get of your upcoming post schedule. Planning ahead doesn’t mean settling on specific post titles but simply putting some ideas in motion which will save you time in the long run.

When planning days and weeks it’s important to set your working hours and stick to them. This will give you a time frame in which to get into working zone and will ensure that you get the most productivity out of your day. Remember to schedule some time each day for admin tasks such as emails and social media activity, this will stop you getting distracted throughout the day, if it’s not your admin time then keep your inbox shut and your phone turned off to avoid any distractions. As well as scheduling admin time also remember to schedule some time each week for blog development, this time is for you to look at how you could do things better, perhaps you spend that time reading helpful posts (like this one) or brushing up on a new skill set such as photoshop, whatever you choose this time is important if you are going to continually improve your blog. 

Streamline your essentials
As well as organizing your time, it’s also important to organize your space. A cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind and if you have to spend ten minutes finding the notebook you were looking for then that isn’t a productive use of your time. Organize your working environment and give everything a proper place, at the end of the working day return everything to its place so that you can start fresh again in the morning. If you travel regularly for your blog then streamlining your essentials becomes even more important, sit down and work out what you actually need to get the job done. To make flying easier invest in a good compartmentalised carry on bag to stow your laptop, camera, diary and notebook, this will make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for and sets you up for a productive use of your time whilst on the plane. 

Another important area to keep organized as a blogger is your finances, with blogging being your own business you will need to keep track of all your invoices and expenses for tax purposes. To stop you having to rifle through hundreds of paper receipts for tax season do some research on online expenses software or simply consider hosting them on the cloud. Using the cloud isn’t as difficult as some people think it is, and you really don’t need to know complex technical stuff such as the pros and cons of kubernetes vs docker – in fact you may be using the cloud right now if you save things on Google Drive. So if your finances are in a state and you’re surrounded by binders and folders then utilise your next blog development time slot to research some cloud storage solutions and make things clean and digital. 

By planning ahead and streamlining your essentials you’re well on your way to running not only a successful blog but also being an organised blogger. With your new time management schedule you’ll be able to work harder and produce better content whilst maintaining a good work life balance and still having time for yourself. By cutting down on unnecessary materials you’ll be saving yourself money and making it easier to find what you need to get the job done. So what are you waiting for?

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