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How To Successfully Look After Yourself

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You already know the general concept. In order to look after yourself, you need to eat, drink and generally live a good lifestyle. There are, however, more ways to ‘better’ your life, and increase both your mental and physical health. With a few small changes within your daily life you too will see improvements. 

As life goes on and you grow and develop, your priorities can shift. Where you once used to actively take care of yourself and invest in your own self-care, now you find yourself looking after others. Whether that be children, elderly relatives, or your significant other. It is human nature to want to care for and look after your loved ones and to see them thrive. But, in doing this, have you found yourself letting your own self-care slide and no longer setting boundaries and protecting your physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Here are some ways you can regain some balance. By making a few simple changes you will be able to boost and improve your overall health. 

Don’t Wake Up Last Minute

Are you guilty of hitting that snooze button? Trying to grab hold of every last second of sleep available? Finding yourself rushing around and getting stressed due to limited time?

Although sleep is crucial to your health, starting your day in a manic frenzy is damaging. All you are doing is putting yourself under unnecessary stress and impacting on your emotional and mental health before you have even made it out of the door. 

Setting your alarm and getting up with plenty of time, will allow you to focus on yourself. You can leisurely drink your coffee, take the dog for a walk, do some yoga or other exercise to help you move towards your fitness goal. By getting up early enough you are able to start your day with self-care and leave to start your busy day, knowing that you have made yourself a priority. 

Live In The Moment

A large part of your, and everyone’s life, is technology. It is difficult nowadays to avoid it. You have smartphones, smartwatches, TV, electronic billboards, the list goes on. It has become part of our standard life. In doing this, it is easy to find yourself getting consumed with following the news, checking on social media, playing a game, or messaging other people that you aren’t truly in the moment. 

Physically you are there but mentally you are not engaged. Putting your device down and truly being present will give you the opportunity to mentally unwind. You will also find that you will see the wonders surrounding you, find enjoyment, and feel happier. 

‘No’ Is A Valid Response

No matter how much you want to be able to do it all and look after everyone, it isn’t always possible. You are one person and you cannot do it all. 

It is important to set boundaries. You will still be able to support and help your loved ones, but by having clear boundaries and keeping within your physical capabilities you will find yourself getting less stressed and overwhelmed. 

Look After Your Physical Wellbeing 

There is more to self-care than taking a bath or reading a book. Self-care can vary significantly from one person to another. But, one thing that shows true is that when you look after yourself and feel good in your appearance you tend to feel happier. 

Making the time to ensure that you are practicing good personal hygiene, looking after your skin knowing you’ll be in the sun with TANRI Outdoors,  being able to wash your hair and iron your clothes can make you feel instantly better. 

Look For The Positives

Everyone has bad days, or days when things get a little stressful and overwhelming. That is normal. How you deal with those days and those challenging moments however can play a major role in your wellbeing. 

When you are busy and possibly stretched a little thin, it can be extremely easy to find yourself focusing upon the negatives that have happened and finding your day going from day to worse, and your mood decreasing even further. 

Try to shift your perception going forward. Things will never run smoothly 100% of the time. That is nature. But, when things do go wrong, you can change how you let that glitch impact your day and mood. So, instead of fusing on the bad, look for the good. What has gone well? What are you grateful for? By finding the good you will find yourself feeling more positive about yourself and your life.