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How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Services

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How To Market Your Virtual Assistant Services

Your virtual assistant business depends on clients in order to thrive. If you don’t already know how to effectively market yourself and your skills, now is the time to learn! The following five ways to market your virtual assistant services will get you started in landing work!

Create a web page

Before you begin to seek work as a VA, you must have a web presence. If you are a blogger, creating a page on your site will work. If not, purchase a domain name and install a simple WordPress theme to showcase your services.

Use this page to showcase your skills, experience, and abilities. Provide samples and list the services you offer to give potential clients the info they need when considering you as their VA.

Join job bidding websites

Websites such as Elance or oDesk (now known as Upwork) are a great place for many virtual assistants to market and find clients. These websites allow you to send proposals to those needing tasks completed. Your potential business is right there, you just need to send the most compelling bid to be selected for the job. Some of these one-off projects may become long-term work for you, just like they did for me on several occasions!

Advertise in Facebook groups

There are many Facebook groups dedicated to connecting VAs to bloggers and other online marketers that need assistance. VAs For Hire is one such group, where you can promote your service, sell content or images you have created, and more. Make sure you always follow through, as the owners of these groups will boot you if you aren’t reliable. Pay attention to the individual group rules as well, as some have limitations and guidelines for posting that you should follow.

Get involved on LinkedIn

Acting as an online resume for many professionals, LinkedIn can be a great help in finding VA work. There are groups and discussions going on within the website each day. You may also find job listings for VAs. Craft your own resume that reflects your virtual assistant business before getting active in the community.

Word of Mouth

Delivering excellent work to your clients may be the best way to market your VA business. Many online marketers use employees or contractors that their colleagues and friends recommend. Use this to your advantage to increase your workload and income! Bonus Tip: If you really want to increase your business, offer a referral bonus to your existing clients to drum up more excitement about your services.

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How have you been successful in marketing your virtual assistant services?

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