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How To Save Money On Hotel Stays

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How To Save Money On Hotel Stays
Since lodging often costs more than anything else on your vacation, these tips for How To Save Money On Hotel Stays are sure to be helpful. Frugal living is the best way to make more vacations and travel happen in your life, so of course, we recommend using those same thoughts and tips to save money on your hotel.

How To Save Money On Hotel Stays

Shop rates online. Everyone knows about the famous Priceline,, Kayak and similar sites to shop for lodging and they are great for saving money. You can also check sites like Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local for deals at specific destinations. Compare rates for the same hotels directly on their websites as well as the discount sites for the best rates.

Call the hotel directly and ask for a better rate. Once you find what you think is the best hotel with the best rate, it’s time for you to pick up the phone and contact them directly. There are many locations that will give you an even better rate when you contact them directly. Since they often have to pay a fee or lose a portion of the price when you book through a website they will typically give you a lower rate when you call directly.

Use hotel discounts through AAA, military or similar. Don’t forget to ask what discount or loyalty cards they accept. AAA is popular as well as military discounts and Diner’s club. Many credit card companies also have a special rewards discount when you book using their card.

Use credit card rewards to pay for your stay. If you use credit cards responsibly, they can quickly earn rewards points or credits that can be saved to use when you travel. Many credit card companies offer cash back rewards for purchases. You can even set up your Paypal account with a debit card that isn’t a credit account, but does earn cash back each month when you use it as credit instead of debit. We save about $1000 a year using our Paypal debit cards since we often get paid via Paypal from clients.

Travel during the week. Hotel rates are often much higher Friday through Sunday than during the week. Watch for better deals by traveling during the weekdays rather than over weekends. Also pay attention to any large conventions, sporting events, or other reasons hotels would be in high demand. Avoid those dates as nightly rates could be higher (not to mention, common areas like the pool could be crowded).

Purchase bundle packages for flight, hotel, and rental car together. Many of the discount sites above will also allow you to pick from various bundle packages that give you a great rate when you book all three together.

Sign up for hotel rewards programs. Most major chains have a rewards program that earns free stays. Many will actually give double points at select hotels during certain promotional periods. Check these out for every hotel chain you book and use them so your next stay could potentially be free.

Knowing how to save money on hotel stays will free up more money in your budget for great things like movies, amusement parks or special meals on the road.