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How To Keep People Reading Your Blog

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How To Keep People Reading Your Blog

Whether you’re trying to create a writing portfolio, market your business, or simply share your personal experiences with the world, there are few ways to do any of these things better than with a blog. Over the last decade or so blogs have exploded from niche websites with dedicated, if rather small, followings to being one of the most popular and useful ways of growing a brand on the internet. Of course, just having a blog isn’t exactly enough to keep people coming back day after day. If you want your blog to be a success or to have any real impact, then you’ve got to not only attract readers, but you need to be able to keep them as well. Here are some things that you can do to keep people from leaving your blog as quickly as they arrived.

How To Keep People On Your Blog and Reading

Snappy headlines

All of your blog posts need headlines. Otherwise, you’re just going to end up with piles of content that your readers aren’t going to be able to make any sense of. Not only that but a headline is the way that you attract people to your blog in the first place. You need to make sure that your headlines not only clearly show what your blog post is about, but it needs to spark that little bit of curiosity in your readers’ minds, urging them to find out more.

Strong visuals

The words that you write might be the majority of the content on your blog, but if it isn’t also visually engaging, then you’re likely to find that readers become bored very quickly. Make sure that the formatting of your blog is attractive and readable and that you include of a lot of visual elements to each individual blog posts. This can be something as simple as simply interweaving images with your text. There are plenty of stock images that you can find online that are extremely high quality. Or you might want to look at things like infographics which allow you to present your content in a more visually interesting and engaging way.

Don’t forget about video too. If you can, you can create recipe and DIY videos for those posts. Take bright, clear photos to use in posts and social media shares. Have really old posts that have horrible pictures? Don’t be afraid to retake those! Refreshing content is a great way to grow your blog and to attract new readers.

Consistent updates

The internet moves pretty fast, and if you’re not careful, then you’re in danger of falling behind. You might think that your readers will be there every time you upload a new post, but if you leave it too long between posts or your readers don’t reliably know when you’re going to be uploading, they’re going to start to drift away. Make sure that you have a clear upload schedule that your readers can always rely on. That way they’ll make a habit of coming to your blog at the same time over and over.

Engaging content

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re uploading regular posts with sharp visuals and snappy headlines if you don’t actually have the content to back it up. The content of your blog needs to be the most important thing of all. Make sure that the topics you choose are interesting and relevant to your blog, that you’re writing in a way that engages your audience and encourages them to keep reading, and make sure that you’re always honest with your readers. People can spot a fake from a mile away, and it’s a surefire way to get them to lose interest fast.

You want your readers to WANT to keep reading, to click a share button, or to interact with your content in some way. If you share recipes, give them ways to not only share that recipe with friends/family but also a way for them to save it (print option, Pinterest save button, etc.). Give them something of value if you can – recipe, instructions, a guide, a cheat sheet, free template, free printable.

If you have time, revisit old content and see how you can make it more valuable to your readers and to new readers. Breathe new life into it, reshare it on social media, and watch people read and explore your site more!