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How To Get Your Home Holiday Ready

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The holidays are right around the corner. Take a few moments to prepare your home for a festive season.

Set The Table.

If you are having guests over for the holidays, a functional and spacious table is essential. Consider a round dining table for your festivities and daily use. Round tables are a good choice for many home spaces. They are small enough to use for day-to-day meals and activities. And yet, if you select one with an extension, you can add in extra guests anytime you need to do so. Additionally, with a circular configuration, no one is left on the end. All of your family and friends are within eyesight and earshot. Everyone will be able to participate in the conversation with ease.

Once you have your beautiful table in place, it is time to set it for the occasion. Go ahead and permit yourself to bring out heirloom place settings for a special meal. If you do not have any or deem them too fragile, you can splurge for some fun holiday settings or accent pieces. It is perfectly acceptable to use your everyday dinnerware, as well. After all, your guests will be paying more attention to the delicious food.

Next, layer your table with crisp holiday or colorful linens. They have the added benefit of adding texture and color in addition to protecting your new table. 

If you are comfortable using candles, they will add an enticing aroma to your home. Should you not want to have an open flame for any reason, opt for battery-operated flameless candles or tea candles. Place any of these picks in decorative candle holders and vessels.

Finally, name cards or tags are a fun addition to the special day. If you have children, enlist their services and creativity to make the tags. It will serve you twofold in checking off a task and keeping them busy. 

Here is a fun place setting craft that you can modify to your needs.

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Decorate The Front Door.

Pull out all the stops with a fun and festively decorated front door. It will be an inviting way to welcome friends and family into your home. You can choose from a seemingly endless selection of door wreaths. Go traditional with a holly and ivy wreath. Or try something contemporary with a wreath made from ornaments or feathers.

Do not forget about the doormat. Invest in a new one to serve as a place to wipe shoes and send a welcoming message. Find a style that suits your taste in almost any color option. Pick one with a monogram or your family name on it. Choose a rug that invokes the holiday spirit with a Santa, stars, snowflakes, or whatever makes you smile. A simple “Welcome” will get the job done, as well.

If you have space, stop by your local nursery or garden center and pick up two small pine trees. Place one on each side of your front door in a decorative planter. Adorn the trees with twinkle lights and a handful of baubles if you so choose. They will bookend your front door, wreath, and rug quite nicely.

With some planning and a little preparation, you will be ready for the holidays. Take the time to set a beautiful table, and have a little fun along the way. Happy Holidays!