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Create A First-Aid Kit For Home Use

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A first aid kit, a proper one, goes beyond a few bandages and ice packs. Having an EMT for a husband has been a blessing. He is our go-to guy at home but also when we are out at sports practices, the playground, etc. He’s trained in emergency medical response, it’s what he knows, so having a proper kit at home that HE has put together puts me at ease.

It’s never too late to expand what you have in yours, so when he finished his (with some new birthday gifts of the bags), I thought it would be a helpful post to put together.

He made sure to include supplies and tools to cover just about any situation that he’s trained to manage. If you don’t have first aid training, obviously we suggest getting it ASAP as well as CPR training.

The black tactical bag we purchased is something he’s wanted for a long time and can be easily organized thanks to its many pockets. You don’t have to do a bag, you can keep all of your supplies in a plastic tote but we found the bag to be a must-have so we can grab-and-go. As an active family with kids in sports, we wanted to be able to bring it with us. You can use ziploc bags to help further organize – use them to hold Q-tips, for example, rather than taking the entire package of them. Just break it down into smaller quantities!

To find ALMOST everything included in our kit (some things I couldn’t find on Amazon, so check your local pharmacy or medical supply store), you can visit the Amazon page I’ve put together. Click HERE to see everything.

This little pack was a great purchase as it contained a lot of the items he was going to purchase separately and also connects onto the tactical backpack. You can purchase this and it comes with 39 pieces to start your first-aid kit!

Here is the list that my husband made of his kit and its’ contents: (I’ve linked what I can with Amazon affiliate links)

Bandaids – asst sizes
Paper tape
Surgi pads
Petroleum gauze
Gauze rolls ass sizes
Antiseptic towelettes
Alcohol preps
Triple antibiotic ointment
CAT tourniquet
Israeli bandage (aka emergency bandage)
Trauma shears
Ring cutter

Pocket mask
Pen light
Skin marker
Ice packs
Bandage wrap
Antiseptic spray
Triangular badages
SAM splint
Emergency blanket

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