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These Money Triggers Say Its Time To Review Your Budget

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What does financial security mean to you? Whether it’s getting out of debt, tucking away enough savings to leave your job and turn your blog into a viable business, or simply working towards the future for your family, having goals for your money is important. The cornerstone of all this is building a personal budget and then revisiting that as circumstances change. The picture of your finances is always in flux as life alters and unexpected circumstances crop up. But don’t wait for life to throw you a curveball – be proactive and revisit your budget periodically. Here are the triggers which should have you reassessing your finances… 

A Change In Income

The bedrock of your budget is the amount of money which comes into your account each month. So if that figure changes, so should everything else in your calculations. It could be an especially good (or, perhaps, bad) run in your small business, securing a payrise or even being made redundant. Readjust your spending and saving accordingly. And review if you have the best deal on any loans – you may be better off using a credit union if you do need to secure some capital. 

A Monthly Review

It’s not just a shift in circumstances that should trigger a budget review – take the opportunity to get an overview once a month when it’s bill paying time. A money management app can help you to see when and where you might be overspending and identify patterns which can help you to be smarter with your financial choices.

Hitting A Financial Goal

If you had one main aim for your money, and you manage to achieve that, you should be rightly proud. But you should also take the chance to reassess what your next financial move will be. It could be finally paying off that new car loan, or getting to a certain amount in savings, but when it’s achieved you can redirect your energies and pick a new target. Perhaps you hit a certain amount of emergency money and now you could save for a holiday. Either way, it’s time to rethink your arrangements. 

Overspending Each Month

Does payday always just seem a week too far away? Or perhaps you have great intentions to save but by the time you go to do it there’s nothing spare left over? If you’re running out of money on a regular basis then it really is time to take a review of your budget. Are there any unused subscriptions that you need to cancel? Have you moved any debt to the lowest APR you qualify for? Could you comparison shopping to get a cheaper deal on utilities like electricity or your broadband? It’s time to cut some serious corners for a while and get things back under control. If more serious measures are needed, could you downsize where you live for a while? Or look at creating a second income stream to balance the books more? Think about what you need to do in order to make things work.

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