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Crazy Summer Fun with Blast Zone’s Hydro Rush Water Park

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Sliding with no spraying water

For the longest time, I have wanted to have an amazing backyard space for the kids to play in. We put up a privacy fence (finally!) and it helps keep them safe since we have an alley that runs along it. With the regular outdoor toys (things like balls, ride-ons, bubbles) we were quickly getting bored. We “reopened” our sand table (cleaned it and added new sand), and that really keeps them busy digging and building.

But now that summer is just about here, and it’s getting hotter, we need to shift our backyard into something even cooler. We need ways to cool off and enjoy the hot temperatures. When Blast Zone asked me if we wanted to review Blast Zone’s Hydro Rush Water Park, I couldn’t possibly say no! I’m telling you, this thing is amazing. We were graced with a beautiful mid-80 degree weekend right after it arrived – like it knew we couldn’t wait to try it out!

Hydro Rush Water Park spread out on ground

After we unboxed the Hydro Rush, we rolled it out in our chosen spot in our backyard. With Inflated Dimensions of approx 18’L x 11’W x 8’H, we needed a pretty decent chunk of our backyard. I would say our yard is a typical suburban size (maybe?), but it’s easy to grab a tape measure and measure your own yard to see where it fits. It should be pretty flat too, free of sticks and rocks and overhanging tree limbs.

Your box comes with everything you need: the inflatable itself, blower with power cord attached, stakes, sprayer hose and a carrying case. There’s also an instruction booklet and DVD, however we really didn’t need them. You attach the sprayer hose to your garden hose and using velcro, it attaches along the side of the inflatable and up to the top of the slide.

HydroRush inflating with blower

While we inflated the Hydro Rush in this spot, we did move it over to the left more and off the concrete path that leads to the shed at the back of the yard.

Inflation took just a couple of minutes, it was really fast. Once fully inflated, we put the stakes into the ground and turned on the water. Set-up is that easy. Tip: Let the water run for a bit while you gather towels and whatnot, you don’t want to go down a dry a slide into a dry pool area!

Impatient HydroRush

The splash pool area with water cannon was probably where the kids spent most of the time. Haley would not, under any circumstances, try the slide. That’s okay though – that’s why the large splash area is there in my opinion! Brenden was all over the slide, up and down, having a blast. Gavin took some time, and we eventually turned off the sprayer and that’s when he went down the slide. He didn’t like the water in his face! To keep the slide wet, we just used a bucket that we filled from the pool area and threw it on before they slid. Easy solution!

Four year old climbing to slide

The climbing wall to get to the top of the slide has foot holes and handles. You can see in this picture that Gavin, who is 4, mastered it after just a couple tries. We found it easy to angle the sprayer at the top to be focued more on the slide than the climbing area, which made it easier and made them feel more secure while climbing up.

When it was time to head inside, we cleared out any toys that had made their way in (buckets, dolls, squirters) and then turned off the blower. We figured it would be easier to let it deflate and drain than try to tip it (it’s kind of heavy!). This worked great. You can find more information about the care of inflatable water parks by visiting

If you’d like to check out more water parks from Blast Zone, visit

Blast Zone also carries non-water bounce houses, which are perfect if you don’t want to deal with the water bill or care of an inflatable water park. 

Before you leave! If you are thinking about purchasing your own Blast Zone product, here’s a special 10% discount code, BOUNCEBLOG. You will have to call in as their website doesn’t allow for coupons, but it’s worth the call!

A big thank you to Blast Zone for providing us with a Hydro Rush Water Park to review. We will be having an awesome summer!