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All Of My Dreams Came True When I Became A Mother

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All Of My Dreams Came True As A Mother

A vet. A psychologist. A meterologist. A doctor. A teacher. A writer. Those were all dreams of what I had planned for my life. As a child, I often played the silly game of MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House). You know, where you list a number of choices for who you will marry, how many children you will have, where you will live, what your job will be, what kind of car you’ll drive. Your entire life decided by a simple counting game.

My choices changed with almost every game. I would list all of my current celebrity crushes – Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberlake, Taylor from Hanson, even George Clooney for that old “older man” option. I hoped to drive anything from a pink glittery convertible to a silver mini-van. I would live in Paris, or LA, or Savannah, Georgia. I would have anywhere from two to 15 children.

Such a silly game when played at a young and innocent age. What I didn’t realize was that every career I ever listed would eventually come true.

As a mother, I am a teacher. Tieing shoes, counting, using a fork and spoon, a small number of things I will teach my children. I am a teacher from the moment they are born, helping them learn to crawl and then walk. Through their actual school years, my teaching skills are called upon for homework help, and spelling practice and more.

As a mother, I am a doctor. Band-aids and kisses for boo-boos, tissues and barf buckets other times.

As a mother, I am a meterologist. I can look out the window and tell you exactly what the weather will be like and when to wear a coat. I can sense impending storms and know that I will have company in bed tonight, or need to keep a flashlight by my side.

As a mother, I am a vet. To both real animals and of the stuffed species. I’m wise beyond my years, tending to upset tummys and missing fluff.

As a mother, I am a psychologist. Lending my ears to trivial childhood issues all the way to teenage drama.

As a mother, I am an author and illustrator. I remember to write down those milestones in the baby books, and draw silly lunch notes to brighten someone’s day.

As a mother, every dream I ever had for myself is played out daily.

I can’t imagine myself actually living with 11 children in a shack in Paris married to Vin Diesel. But as a mother, I get to be whatever I’m needed to be. It’s not longer about what I want to be, it’s about what my children need me to be, in that moment, when they look at me and ask me to play or ask for help. They need me to step up to the plate and be the world’s best batter, or step in the kitchen and be a world famous chef. Have a love of HGTV shows? Well having children scribble on the walls will surely rev up your painting, and moving to a new bedroom will make you want to makeover the whole thing.

So when you think that motherhood may have ruined your dreams – look again.

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