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4 Ways to Work From Home – Inspired By The HP x360

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I’ve partnered with HP to bring you the following post. All opinions are 100% mine. #BendTheRules #Ad

4 Ways To Work From Home

I’m a big supporter of working from home. Ever since I started blogging in 2008, I have found myself seeking out ways that I could continue to work from home. To bring in money while not having to pay for things like a work wardrobe, gas for a vehicle, or day care. Working from home has saved me, it’s save my family.

For many households, working from home bends the rules. So many of us are used to the idea of commuting to a place of employment and having a routine that includes clocking in and out. There are so many ways that you can bend the traditional rules and work from home. Just like the HP Pavilion x360, I’m going to show you 4 different ways you can work from home.

4 Ways to Work From Home

HP x360 with touchscreen

Blogging has become an increasingly popular way to work from home and earn an income. Many bloggers will tell you that it does take time to get your site going before you start to see money, so it’s not a “start now, get paid in two weeks” option. Several ways that bloggers earn income include ad revenue, sponsored content, ambassadorships and affiliate marketing.

The HP x360 is the perfect blogging companion because of it’s tradition laptop mode. It’s a lightweight laptop, so whether you work at a desk, from the bed, or from a coffee shop, “lugging” your laptop along is easy.

HP x360 stand mode

Owning your own direct sales business gives you flexibility to create your own schedule and have a workday that fits what you want to do. You can join a company based on previous experiences with products, or you can research new-to-you companies before making a decision. While there is some initial investment (for the starter/join/consultant kit), that investment usually gives you everything you need to get started right away. Direct sales only works if you work, so make sure you are committed, passionate, and knowledgable about the products you are going to sell.

The HP x360 can be flipped into a stand mode, which is great displaying slideshows or other presentations relted to your direct sales company. At vendor shows, you could have a fun slideshow running to attract wandering eyes! The touchscreen ability would allow people to scroll faster, or scroll in reverse if they saw something and needed a second look.

HP x360 tablet

For this work from home option, you’ll want to have a love for caring for children and keeping them happy. You’ll also want plenty of space for children to play, and even a great outdoor space for weather-permissable activities. There are legalities involved, so make sure to read up on state requirements, licensing, certifications, and whatever else you may need to do before you are official. You could watch just a couple of children at a time and still have a profittable business!

The HP x360 is a great tool for daycare owners to use when meetings with parents to discuss scheduling, or even invoicing needs. The tablet mode allows you to use the HP x360 just like any other tablet, the keyboard is “locked” and cannot be used during this mode. The large screen would even make picture and video sharing with parents a breeze!

HP x360 tented

Are you a fantastic baker and super creative? A great work at home option for you could be a cake designer, or some other kind of in-home bakery! Just like the home daycare, you’ll want to check into local, state and even federal regulations for running a food-based business from your home. If you have the talent though, much of your marketing will be done by word of mouth (and taste of mouth!).

The HP x360 in tent mode keeps the keyboard “locked” while also keeping it up off the countertop or table. The touchscreen ability lets you display your recipes, or you can meet with customers to go over cake designs! Use the tent mode to collaborate on your next great delicious treat, and you’ll be ahead of the game when you show up with not only your creative mind, but a piece of technology to get the job done.

Just like I’m encouraging you to “bend the rules” and break out of the “work outside of the home” mindset, HP has teamed up with the one and only Meghan Trainor to #BendTheRules on her All About That Bass tour!

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