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33 Weeks Versus 35 Weeks: Has The Baby Dropped?

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I tried to line these two shots up as best I could, but what do you think? I was told the other day that I’ve dropped, and that night when I burped like a frat boy, I realized that I hadn’t burped like that in WEEKS (which by the way, it’s surprising how good a big burp can make you feel! haha).

I’m a little surprised that week 35 is here. As of today (3/2/2011) we have just 23 days until the scheduled c-section. 23 days. That’s 3 weeks and 2 days. That’s so close. When I think about it, I feel overwhelmed and full of fear. I ask myself questions like, “Can we do this?”, “Can we handle a 6 year old and a newborn?”, “How is this going to affect therapy appointments?”. I’m fearful because of the actual surgery procedure, and the six weeks following the surgery being the most risky for another blood clot. I’ll be on the blood thinner during that time, but it’s still something in the back of my mind.

Otherwise, I’m feeling okay. I’m uncomfortable most of the time and sometimes feel like I have to get up and just move so I’ll walk around the house for a minute. When getting out of bed my hips pop so loudly it sounds like bones are breaking, and by the end of the day I’m exhausted and feel so heavy. We take DS out for bike rides (good for his low muscle tone and coordination) and I feel like a little old waddling penguin following behind. By the time we’ve gone around the block, I feel like we’ve finished a 10k! Oh! The Braxton Hicks have changed in regards to what they feel like. They used to be dull and uncomfortable, now they are a bit stronger? Sharper? More “Aunt Flow” cramp-like? I can tell they are a little stronger, but they have no pattern and happen at complete random times.

In these last 23 days (and it better be 23 and not a day earlier, got that baby?) we’re going to finish up some things around the house, get the car seat installed, do a couple cute crafts for both boys’ rooms, and enjoy just being “the three of us” before we welcome our new addition. The week of his birth, my sister will be here and I am BEYOND excited to have my big sister here and for her to meet her new nephew in person, right away, instead of just through pictures. Just a heads up – prepare for an onslaught of picture posts in about 24 days! :)

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