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10 Ways to Help Organize Your WAHM Schedule

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10 Ways to Organize Your WAHM Schedule

Few things are more difficult in life than juggling the average WAHM schedule. Mothers that take great care of their kids while working out of the house at the same time are some of the most flexible, powerful and smartest people on the planet. (Dads too!) How do they get that way? Usually through trial and error in developing a system that works for them. They work through situations and learn what does and doesn’t work.

If you are going to work as a WAHM or simply want to know some shortcuts to save you time, here is a list of ten things that can help a great deal:

1. Keep a “public” calendar on the desk or wall – It is not enough for you to know what you are going to do. Not in the world of WAHMoms. You have to make sure the whole world knows. Post a public calendar that states what, when and where for the entire family on a daily basis. This way you are all informed.

2. Prioritize sleep – Another hallmark of a successful WAHM is a solid sleep schedule. Those that try to wing it usually find themselves hitting burnout at some point. Put sleep as a top priority.

3. Know your focus – Mothers that work from home have to be able to change at a moment’s notice, but they still need to have a focus at a given time. When the kids are in bed for a nap, they need to know and focus on what needs to get done. Constantly ask yourself what your focus for that moment is.

4. Do daily priority lists (and then use them) – Priority lists are vital. Separate things into must do, need to do and then things that can wait. Then use that priority list to make your day productive.

5. Keep your office separate – Making your office your kitchen table will not work in the long run. Put your office somewhere that you can actually close the door. You may not be able to do so all the time, but you will have it at those moments when the kids are taken care of.

6. No spur of the moment cleaning – You know you do it and it keeps you from getting other things done. There is always something to pick up and something to wipe down. Do those when you are scheduled or while you are doing a task.

7. Use your peak hours efficiently – In your business, what hours are the most “active” to get ahead of the curve. Try to mold your schedule so that you are freed up for that time period.

8. Keep a “private” calendar on the computer – While you have the public calendar mentioned above, keep one for yourself as well. This can contain all the same info, but in a computerized format with personal notes.

9. Set up reminders – Use the calendar in number eight to set up daily reminders of your important calendar notes.

10. Allow yourself time off – When the whistle blows and you have put in your day’s work and the kids are in bed, take the time to rest and enjoy the day. Don’t fall into the trap of constantly doing work or the kids. If you do, burnout will soon follow. Allow yourself to smell the roses of your wonderful lifestyle on occasion.

How do you WAHM’s organize your schedule? Any favorite apps, products, etc?

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