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10 Reasons to Downsize to a Smaller Home

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Many families decide to downsize to a smaller property. There are many advantages to raising a family in a smaller house.  It’s a great way to cut back costs or reduce the upkeep of a larger home. For some people, it’s simply that they don’t need the same amount of space anymore. In fact, according to a survey of families living in larger houses, 60% of people say they’d prefer to live in a smaller place. This is due to a number of factors. A smaller house is easier to clean, maintain, and renovate for example. It’s also better for the environment. Here are ten reasons to downsize to a smaller home.

Save money on your mortgage

One of the main advantages of downsizing is that you’ll be able to reduce your mortgage payments. Often many people choose to downsize to reduce mortgage payments. You could either sell your home and buy a smaller property with a reduced mortgage, or move into a smaller property that you can afford without a mortgage.

Whatever you decide, the main reason most people choose to downsize is to save money. Either way, your mortgage payments will be a lot more manageable in a smaller home. You’ll then be able to spend your hard-earned cash on other things such as college education, retirement, and travel. 

Pay off debt

If you downsize to a smaller home, you’ll finally be in a better position financially. Your overall living costs will be much cheaper. By reducing your outgoings, you’ll finally be able to start paying off your debts. Whether these are good debts or bad debts, the extra cash flow will give you peace of mind. Many people choose to downsize to help clear debts.

You can look into debt-relief options, and find the most efficient way to manage your debts. By downsizing to a smaller home, you’ll have more options and be able to organize clearing your debts once and for all. Visit for more information. 


Many people decide to downsize in preparation for their retirement. By downsizing your home you’ll be able to put that IRA to good use and have more money for your future. It’s a good idea to plan for your retirement, even if this seems like years away.

Once your children have moved out you won’t need as much space, and many older people look for smaller properties or bungalows. These will save you money and be easier to manage. You could spend more money on a nice yard or outside space rather than more bedrooms.

Lower utility bills

A smaller house will be much cheaper to run. It costs a lot less to heat or cool a smaller home. There’s less wasted space and you won’t need to use nearly as much energy to run your home. You’ll be able to save a lot of money on your bills. If you’re looking for advice on reducing your bills, there are also several apps to save money on utilities

The general costs of living are cheaper in a smaller home. You may well also save on property taxes as well as utilities. With less space, you’ll find you don’t need to rely on heating as often and you’ll be able to heat or cool a room in no time. 

Better for the environment

By reducing your energy consumption, downsizing is actually better for the environment. You’ll be able to like a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You’ll use less energy to heat and cool your home and be able to reduce waste. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

There are several ways to make your home more sustainable. By downsizing, you’ll use less gas, electricity, and water. You could even look into renewable energies such as solar power for your new smaller home. 

A smaller home is easier to clean

One of the best things about having a smaller home is that you save time cleaning. A big house can take forever to clean and by downsizing, you’ll finally be able to get this time back. Imagine having less floor to clean, fewer bedrooms and not to mention bathrooms.

Keeping a small house clean will be much more manageable, especially when you retire. You can use the time you would normally spend cleaning on hobbies and relaxing with your family. If you pay a cleaner, it’ll cost you much less per week as well. 

Save money on renovations

A smaller home means less space and fewer rooms to decorate. This doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your smaller home, check out these small space design ideas. The great thing about renovating a smaller home is that it’s much cheaper. You can splash out on custom made fittings and features. 

You’ll be able to save money on your home renovations while being able to afford more stylish options. A smaller home is often much less hassle to decorate and make your own. Think of the amount of time and money you’ll save buying furniture as you’ll have less space to fill. 

Spend more time outdoors

Whether you have children or not, living in a smaller home will encourage you to spend more time outside. Kids will have less space to play, and they’ll be more encouraged to do so outdoors. There are many benefits of playing outside and it’s much better than being cooped up all day.

Spending more time outdoors can benefit adults just as much as children. If you live in a smaller home, you’re more likely to go out and get back in touch with nature. This is very rewarding and beneficial for both your physical and mental health.

Less maintenance

As well as taking less time to clean, you’ll also have fewer maintenance jobs to do in a smaller home. Being a homeowner often means taking care of a lot of maintenance. The bigger the property, the more maintenance you’ll inevitably have to do.  

From unclogging toilets to a lick of paint, less space means less work. Fewer maintenance issues will save you money on home repairs as well. 

Time for a mindful decluttering

One of the great things about downsizing to a smaller property is that you learn to live with less and be more grateful for what you have. Moving home is always the perfect opportunity to finally get rid of what you don’t need. A good old fashioned clear out is a great way to destress.

Decluttering is in fact so beneficial it’s become known as a mindfulness technique. If you learn how to declutter your home with mindfulness, you’ll soon realize what’s important in life. It’s a great way to rely less on material possessions and even donate some of these to charity.  

You only need to hold onto the things you need, love, and use. If you have any items left over from your move to a smaller home you could always rent a storage unit. This is the best way to store your memories and valuables. If not, why not try selling or donating your stuff? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

By downsizing to a smaller home, you’ll automatically save money in lots of different ways. It is a great way to minimize stress and worry less about financial constraints. It also gives you more free time to spend with your family. If downsizing could save you money, consider whether a smaller home might just suit you and your lifestyle.

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