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Why Tourists Love To Head To America

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When you think about the top 10 destinations you want to see in life, there’s a good chance the USA is near the top of the list. It has the Big Apple and popularised the Speakeasy. It’s a place full of sights, sounds and smells a lot of people have never experienced before. America is one of the most favored places to go when it comes to having an active traveling lifestyle. Of course, it’s not for everyone, but what does make it so popular with the rest of us budding explorers?

It’s one of the biggest countries in the world, and thus it has a lot of miles for people to cover, when they have the time and money. So if you’re planning to jaunt off on an around the world trip soon, make sure America is on your list! Millions of tourists each year can’t be wrong, so let’s look into some of the reasons why.

It’s One of the Most Diverse Countries in the World!

America is full of culture, a lot of it native and imported, and that means you’re going to find a wide range of people here. You can get to know and understand the cultures you’ve only heard about in history class before now on an extremely personal level!

The USA is a place that a lot of people aim to immigrate to, and because it’s considered a ‘free country,’ there’s a lot of opportunities for people to get on with their lives here. So if you’re the kind of person who aims to travel to enrich your sense of being, try out America first. It compares to the rest of the world very well, but is a whole walk away from the usual day to day you’d get at home.

Living the Life of Pop Culture

At some point in all our lives, people have wanted to be involved with the popular scene. Whether you wanted to be an actor as a child or grew up with dreams of taking to the stardom stage, there’s a good chance you were exposed to a specific brand of pop culture: American. Culture is something every country holds dear, and when it comes to the USA, there’s usually nothing more important for the patriotic spirit than its image. And a good portion of that is made up through its hefty amount of pop culture.

There’s so much to do and see when you’re in America that we only ever hear about on the TV otherwise. Take the Las Vegas Strip as a good example here: casinos, resorts, and hotels all ripe for the picking. Heading down to Nevada means you’re going to be bombarded with bright lights and people with tight smiles, and there’s a lot of nightlife to get acquainted with. And this is incredibly exciting for anyone looking for adventure!

More Small Towns Than You Can Count!

America is huge, and for a lot of people that makes it scary! However, for those with good road tripping knowledge and the love of hostels, the amount of small towns you can explore on your way around the country is an incredible prospect. Every single one of them has some hidden gems and delves of history and will enrich at least a part of your knowledge.

America itself was once noted as being ‘more small town than we think,’ and that’s a good point to keep in mind if you want to come here. You’re not going to see much of the big city life outside of the metropolitan areas, but really, why would you want to? You get to know the locals much better on this scale, polite and friendly as always, and local businesses always have better products for you to take home with you. Take Denver as a good example here. You’re still in a well-known city that’s a popular place with tourists, seeing as the Rocky Mountains begin here. But that also means there’s a lot for foreigners to seek out. Even just the promise of a huge landmark can mean plenty of tourism profits for the surrounding towns and villages.

So Many Natural Sights

Everyone likes being outside from time to time, and in the USA you’re never going to get a better opportunity to see some the best nature has to offer! Seeing as America is so huge, there’s a lot of open roads for people to trawl down. America exists both above and below the equator, and that means there’s a lot of different climate conditions for nature to exist in. And that also means there’s a lot for humans to see here that they won’t be able to witness elsewhere in more central countries.

Depending on what state you’re in, you could be beating away the wind and rain, skipping through the snow you rarely see yourself, or reclining under the sun that never quite seems to fade away. On the same principle, you could be camping out at the base of a mountain, hiking through cornfield after cornfield, or never get the sand out of your sandals. There’s a lot to enjoy for all kinds of people!

There’s So Much Food to Try

Food is something people love, and it’s rare to find a country that loves it as much as America! There are all kinds of food to try out here, and some of the most famous recipes in the world were conceived here. At least take a taste of the fried chicken whilst you’re traveling through the South.

With hot food from gas stations that are open 24/7, and so many classes held all day every day, there’s a good chance you’re never going to want to go back to your own food!

Tourists love America because of the variety, because of the media output, and because it’s the second biggest country in the world. There’s got to be something here they’d enjoy whilst traveling!

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