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How To Get The Most Out Of A Safari Vacation

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For those constantly yearning for new adventures in their vacations, a safari is, arguably, one of the most of visceral, vibrant, and completely exhilarating experiences of anyone’s life. Do it right, and you get to visit the most beautiful landscapes in the world and experience the majesty of native wildlife (almost) up close and personal. But, in making the most of a safari vacation, what do you need to know, and how can you maximize the impact of this?

Get To Know Your Safari Guide

Look at it from their perspective, they have customers coming every couple of days who have more money than sense, wanting to show off to their children how much money they’ve got! So, you could make it a much better experience for you and your local safari guide by showing them you are actually interested in them. Safari guides have a very challenging job, and there can be times when your safari guide will be operating on autopilot because they’ve had the same questions for days or months on end. Instead, why don’t you show some interest in them as a person? By forming a bond with the safari guide at the very outset, it can give you some perks with regards to the experience, as they will do a little bit more to give you a more valuable safari expedition, but their history will be infinitely interesting too!

Be Prepared For The Unpreparable

Do you have an idea of how your safari is going to play out? If so, erase it from your mind. If you’re out on safari in any part of the world, there’s always going to be something you didn’t expect, and if you head to Africa, either on the Victoria Falls safari experiences or the Kruger National Park, or anywhere in the African region, you are going to be met with curveballs nobody saw coming. There could be thunderstorms, excessive rain, or there could be problems with your vehicles. Whatever could happen will very likely happen! Instead of worrying about it, it’s much better for you to take it as it comes. This is nature in full swing, and it doesn’t care about your timetable.

Don’t Stay In Camp

To make the most of your time on safari, spend most of it out in the wilderness. Don’t waste your time in camp; camp is reserved for eating, sleeping and being safe for long enough to let your guard down so you can eat and sleep! If you’re sharing a vehicle with some of the people that you aren’t too friendly with, you should try and see if you can get them out on the road a bit earlier so you can all make the most of the journey. If your guide tells you a specific wake up time, try and see if you can get going a little bit earlier. Pack a picnic for the full day so you can get as far off the beaten track as is safely possible.

Get Some Binoculars

If it’s just you heading out, you need to get some binoculars for yourself. If you are going with the family, get one for every person. Instead of trying to look in the distance without a pair of binoculars, having one by your side is going to to make for a much better experience. Binoculars serve an even greater purpose when the animals are up close as you can see things that are invisible to the naked eye. For example, the hairs on an elephant’s trunk, and it’s these little details you will take away and talk about more. If you’re sat in the vehicle without a pair of binoculars, and you’ve missed something truly special, you will regret it. Your other option would be to get a good quality camera with a zoom lens. That way, you’ve got some records of your experiences.

Spend Time In The Wilderness

While you might think that a proper safari experience is all about seeing as many animals as physically possible, it’s equally about feeling the wilderness, experiencing the soil beneath your feet, dancing and singing with the camp staff, and opening yourself up to every experience possible. Don’t just view it as an opportunity to see animals, and think about the sights, sounds, and smells of the area around you. When it’s possible, step away from the group and take some time by yourself to soak it all up.

Don’t Experience It Through Your Camera

Are you trigger happy when it comes to a camera? Of course, this is part and parcel of the experience, but you don’t want to be constantly looking through your lens. While there are infinite opportunities to get photos that last a lifetime, make sure that you experience the safari through your own eyes for the vast majority of the time. The camera can be the wall between you and a properly exhilarating safari experience.

Stay Off Your Phone!

And by the same token, if you spend most of your vacation time blandly staring at your phone, was there any point in you going on this experience? Instead, do your utmost to disconnect from the life you have. And for the duration of this safari, you may as well pretend that you don’t have a telephone! And while we might be using your telephone as a camera, very simply, put it on flight mode! You might think that it’s a luxury if your camp has internet, but most do these days. So instead, rather than uploading all your pictures to Facebook at the end of the day, put your phone away, and make the most of your life out in the wilderness. You’re not going to be out there for long!

A safari vacation is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and if you’ve got the opportunity to experience wildlife this close up, and escape from the trappings of your everyday life, make the most of it! It will be a vacation you will never forget, and if you take family members, you will experience this wonderment together, and if you go by yourself, you might learn a little something, not just about the world, but about yourself in the process.

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