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Why Losing Weight Is Incredibly Beneficial

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In general, the purpose of losing weight is motivated mainly by aesthetic or physical reasons, and the first thing that we value and what we give the most importance are the results we see in front of the mirror. However, when we lose weight there are modifications in our body that we do not see but that improve our health, being more relevant than physical or aesthetic changes. Health benefits of weight loss are varied. You can cut down, decrease sugar intake, look at a liquid diet, intermittent fasting and look at the best shakes for weight loss. All these combined assist you. So what are the benefits? 

Metabolic changes 

If you have modified your lifestyle towards a healthier diet and practice of physical exercise on a regular basis, in addition to losing weight, your body will benefit from metabolic changes that imply improvement or prevention of diseases. Improvement in the metabolization of fats and carbohydrates, therefore, improvement in plasma lipid levels (triglycerides, HDL, LDL, total cholesterol) and glucose levels. Your blood pressure can also benefit. Lower risk of disease An adequate weight is associated with a lower risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. Digestive level improvements are important too. Losing weight is related to better digestion, reducing digestive events: heartburn, heavy digestion, colic and more. 

Better rest 

Overweight and obese people often have trouble sleeping. Obesity is one of the main causes of apnea and snoring. Weight loss by reducing body fat mass helps better rest due to greater freedom in the airways and improves snoring. More energy You will feel more energetic. In addition, seeing improvements in weight and in the performance of physical activity (each time you have greater resistance, strength, flexibility, balance …) is very motivating. 

Better physical mobility 

Losing weight will make it easier for you to move, increasing your physical agility. Which will make you feel better about yourself. In addition, this way you avoid back, bone and joint problems. All these changes, along with physical changes and greater self-control regarding food, produce an increase in self-confidence and security, which translates into an improvement in social relationships and a higher quality of life.

What mistakes are you making? 

You’re dieting but not losing weight. This is a very common situation that usually occurs when there is a failure in our planning that prevents us from losing weight as we want. Many times, we can be controlling our diet and our physical exercise a lot but our scale barely reflects the effort we make. Why is this happening? It may be that I know because you are not eating properly, you are not training well or simply because you follow some lifestyle habits that do not allow you to lose weight. To help you answer your question, we are going to discover why it is difficult for you to lose weight by indicating the most common causes of this situation. When you look, maybe you can pinpoint the things that you do wrong and ways in which you can rectify them for the future. 

You don’t eat fats, not even healthy ones

A very common mistake among dieters is that they have eliminated all fat from their menu. But it is important that we differentiate between bad and good fats because, while the former must disappear from our habits, the latter must be present in our diet. In addition to being healthy, these fats will help you lose weight since they give us a great feeling of satiety and, therefore, they make you less hungry. Another point in favor of them is that they help to accelerate the metabolism and, therefore, they will make you burn more calories without having to do anything else.

You don’t eat 5 meals a day or you skip them

Another reason why it is difficult for you to lose weight is that you do not distribute the distribution of food correctly throughout the day. Many people believe that to lose weight, it is better not to eat but that is a big mistake. The secret is to eat more times a day but in smaller quantities to, thus, make your body be active for more hours, that is, the metabolism is accelerated.

If you skip a meal, what your body will do is make the most of the food you give it with each meal and, therefore, it will have a tendency to accumulate, when our goal is to eliminate it. Therefore, you already know: eat 5 times a day in a healthy way and do not skip a meal. Unless you are dedicated to intermittent fasting and your doctors say that you can, try to eat little and often.  

You eat healthy but in large quantities 

Another of the most common mistakes made by people trying to lose weight is that they change their diet for a healthier one, but without controlling the amounts. Although there are low-calorie foods, the truth is that if you eat excessively, you may be filling up with water(and, therefore, produce fluid retention), salts or fiber that makes you more full and bloated. If you want to lose weight, it is important that you reduce the amount of food you eat so that, in this way, your body can eliminate everything that is left over.

You only eat light or diet products

You have to be very careful with this issue as there is great confusion about it. The “light” products are not healthy products, they are simply lighter versions of a product that already exists on the market. What does this mean? Well, if you eat 5 “diet” cookies you are not following a healthy pattern because, although they are less fattening than normal ones, they are also fattening and, in addition, they provide us with sugar and calories that we do not need. Therefore it is best to just eat in moderation and also look at a diet that is naturally low in calories instead of sticking to fad foods.