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What Is A Personal Injury Anyway?

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When you hear the term personal injury claim, what do you think of? Most people will say slips and trips! Others will say road traffic accidents. However, the truth is, the term personal injury encompasses an unbelievable number of accidents and injuries! This is something a lot of people are not aware of. 

Consequently, they do not make an accident claim with one of the personal injury attorneys in their area when they would actually be entitled to compensation! We do not want this to happen to you. So, keep on reading to discover more about the different types of accidents that can lead to successful personal injury claims…

First of all, let’s begin by giving you some examples of incidents that have lead to a successful accident claim. The following is a mere handful…

– Holiday accidents

– Waxing treatments that have gone wrong

– Food poisoning

– Slips, trips and falls

– Criminal injuries

– Car crashes

– Repetitive strain injury

– Construction accidents

– Motorcycle accidents

– Medical negligence

– Dental negligence

– Cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong

– Errors in laser treatment

– Passenger accidents

– Hit and runs

– Vibration white finger

– Industrial deafness

– Injuries from poor health and safety in the workplace

– Cycling accidents

– … And much, much more!

All questions about making an accident claim in answered!

If you are thinking about making an accident claim, you probably have a million different questions running through your mind. After all, it is highly unlikely that you have found yourself in this position before. Thus it can be a bit difficult to know how to approach making a case and such like. This is why we have put together this post to give you a helping hand. Keep on reading for the answers to your pressing questions…

Can I make a claim? 

If you are wondering whether you have the basis to make an accident claim, you should ask yourself the following three questions…

1. Did the accident occur because of someone else’s error or negligence?

2. Did the incident happen within the past three years?

3. Did you see a doctor as a result of your injuries?

If you answered yes to all three questions you definitely have a strong chance of making a claim.

Will it cost me a lot of money?

The simple answer to this question is no. If you go for a no win no fee solicitor you will not have to spend a penny to start making your claim. Financial risk is eliminated as well, as you pay in relation to the outcome of your case.

Is there a time limit on claiming?

There is a time limit of three years on these cases. You will have three years from the date of the incident to make your claim. If you have suffered an injury that has occurred over time, such as vibration white finger, you will have three years from the date of diagnosis to make your accident claim. The sooner you claim the better.