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Ways to Teach the Alphabet While Playing Outdoors this Summer

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Ways to Teach the Alphabet While Playing Outdoors this Summer

Summer is right around the corner and the perfect time to teach your children the alphabet. However, teaching the alphabet outdoors can get a little tricky. Check out these tips for teaching the alphabet while playing outdoors this summer.

Letter Hunt

Take turns finding objects that start with the letters in the alphabet. Brace yourself because this game could take a while, but it’ll be a game that helps your child learn the alphabet.

Draw in the Dirt

You’re already outside, why not make the most of it? Find a spot that has an awesome dirt pile and start teaching the alphabet. You might be surprised at how much a person can learn even when they are out of their element.

Create an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for your children to play as they play outdoors this summer. This is one game that they’ll remember for many years to come.

Play Alphabet Water Games

If there’s one place you will have your child’s attention, it’s in the water. Do simple things like sing the alphabet song while learning to doggie paddle or write the alphabet on water balloons and discuss what each one is.

Go on a Nature Hike

There’s so much to be found as you’re hiking through nature. Find different objects that start with various letters. You don’t have to find the objects in order. Children eventually learn their letters and that they don’t always go in alphabetical order.

Make Music Outdoors to the Alphabet Song

There are so many ways to make music outdoors. Find a way to make music (beating sticks together or pounding a rock on the ground) and sing the alphabet song.

Make Letters Out of Nature

Spend time collecting various sticks, leaves, and rocks to create your own letters out of nature. This is a fun way to experience nature, but to also allow your child to use their fine motor skills to learn more about their letters.

Be Impromptu

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to teaching the alphabet while playing outdoors this summer. No matter what activity you’re going outside, you can find a way to incorporate the alphabet. If all else fails, singing the alphabet is a great way to encourage repetition.

What are some ways you reach the alphabet while playing outdoors?

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