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Vacation Meal and Snack Planning Made Easy

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney. All opinions are entirely my own.

Heading to the beach with a family of six is a seemingly never-ending job of making lists, packing, loading the van, driving, unpacking the van, putting everything away and then making sure everyone stays safe, well-fed, and has fun. A mom’s job is never done, even on vacation. Even as I sit back and watch the waves crash against the shore, I am still thinking about what’s next, whether or not we are running out of snacks, and hoping everyone is having fun. I figured my grocery list on the first day would last, but I forgot how hungry kids can be! They have been going through our snacks like they are never fed (which us moms know is a complete lie, they eat all the time!). Mid-week shopping is definitely going to be happening, and I will be making sure to pick up some of our favorite grab-and-go healthy snacks, like Disney Frozen® Colby Jack Snack Cheese and fresh fruits.

Easy kid snacks for a beach vacation

Something I’ve learned from our vacations and having three kids is to just designate one bag as the “snack bag” and just keep it loaded with non-perishables (crackers, etc.) and then keep an insulated thermal tote near the fridge so you can grab cheese, fruits, and bottled water before heading out. You can even put your oldest children in charge of this task!

Disney Frozen Colby Jack Snack Cheese in the fridge for easy snacks

At the beach, no one wants to be bogged down with prepping and cooking, so single-serve snacks are a welcome splurge. I don’t mind the convenience of buying single-serve and already portioned snacks and other items if it means one less thing I have to think about!

As mom, I also really love that the kids are totally fine with wholesome snacks, like the Disney Frozen Colby Jack Snack Cheese I picked up. It feels good when they want the good stuff!

Kid friendly snacks for vacation that are wholesome

Here are a few more tips about vacation meal and snack planning!

  1. Before leaving for vacation, make a rough meal plan. If you plan on eating in a lot, you can make some decision ahead of time for things like breakfast, picnic lunches, and easy dinners. For example, we are keeping it very kid-friendly and doing things like eggs for breakfast, sandwiches/fruit/cheese for lunch, and pizza and whatnot for dinner.
  2. Using your meal plan, you can start on a grocery list. Mine was HUGE but we also have six people to feed! Don’t forget things like coffee filters, coffee grounds, paper plates, condiments, and food storage (bags, bowls). I try to shop somewhere big on vacation, like Meijer, where it’s more of a one-stop shop. Some of these (if traveling by car) can be brought with you, some you will have to buy at your destination. I love being able to bring non-perishables with us and having those things upon arrival.
  3. Let the kids help with picking out their snacks. Disney Frozen Colby Jack Snack Cheese has been a favorite, but they also wanted fresh fruits, crackers and pepperoni, and popcorn. I love that they are able to have an opinion on what they eat and can contribute to making the grocery list (within reason, of course haha!).
  4. If you go to the beach like we do, I don’t mind how often the kids snack. They are SO active, and walking/running in the sand is an amazing workout for the lower body, so they burn through everything they eat. Don’t get hung-up on a few extra snacks between meals, remember how active they are!

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