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Unlocking Your History with MyHeritage

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A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to experience the magic of a MyHeritage DNA kit first-hand (thank you MyHeritage and Babbleboxx for helping facilitate this experience and post). This was simply something I couldn’t pass up because I only know half my family. If you’ve never heard this story, buckle up.

Not too long after we moved to Ohio in 2000, my parents decided to get divorced. I was then told that my “dad” was not really my dad – not biologically. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer in June of 2004, my mom gave me a name and said, “He’s your real dad”. My mom then passed away in October 2004 and I never had the chance to get more information from her. So, fast forward a tiny bit and I was a mom with a little one newly diagnosed with developmental delays and desperate for more information. I needed medical history – I wanted nothing else, just to finally KNOW.

So I took the name I was given and I took it straight to Google and flexed the awesome stalker-like skills I apparently wield and started to find information. Not a lot… but an address and a phone number.

I sat with the info for a bit, letting it sink in while I tried to build up the courage to call. I mean, what was I going to say anyway? “Hi! I’m Amanda, I might be your daughter, what’s up?”

I finally called, caught him completely off guard, and basically learned nothing and it led nowhere. It took some serious courage and I hung up only to find myself crying. I had no more information that I already did and was still facing an unknown medical history.

We can fast forward several years because life got busy and full of fun. I never heard from him and I never reached out again until 2012 through Facebook, which went unread (or ignored).

MyHeritage DNA kit contents

Taking the MyHeritage DNA test was a simple way that I could maybe unlock some history with. I think it’s why so many people want to take a DNA test – the unknown, the mystery, and looking for answers.

My situation is unique – it resembles a Lifetime movie. Many people know both sides of their family tree and a MyHeritage DNA test just helps grow the branches out farther and it becomes a great hobby to dive into your genealogy and learn your family’s history. The DNA Matches that result from the test are fascinating, take a look at what I get to explore:

Screenshot of MyHeritage DNA matches after your results are in

What I did learn was pretty cool and intriguing and now has me wanting to learn even more. Take a look at what my Ethnicity Estimate says! I know from my mom’s side that this is pretty accurate and what I was told whenever we had a family tree activity in school, but the surprising part is the 14% Ashkenazi Jewish!

Screenshot of MyHeritage Ethnicity results

MyHeritage Ethnicity Results screenshot

MyHeritage Ethnicity Results screenshot

Who knows if I’ll ever learn if he is (or who is) my biological father and unlock that part of my history, but for now, you can find me exploring my mom’s side and learning more about the Ashkenazi Jewish heritage!

If exploring your own family tree and unlocking more of your history is something you want, be sure to use discount code BABBLEBOXX2 at MyHeritage website to get free shipping on your own DNA kit!

Take a few minutes and enter to WIN 1 of 2 MyHeritage DNA kits! See below for details. Open to US only!

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