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Top 10 Things I Do As A Stay At Home Mom

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Thanks to this Flickr user for the above image.

Cook/prepare food Sometimes it’s a full meal that requires many dishes, many spoons, other times it’s a simple sandwich, but everyday I work with food and no title of chef.

– Laundry Pre treat, empty pockets, wash, dry, fold, put away. Don’t forget match the socks…

– Pay the bills This should be a joint-custody situation, but because Hubs works so much, I am in charge of paying bills. This means getting them from the mail, opening, groaning over the amount, paying, and filing away for a year until I then sit down and shred. Page after page.

– Worry Did they eat enough? are you they happy? is the house clean enough? does it smell in here? is the toilet clean? did the dogs eat? did we pay the water bill?

– Communicate Are you hungry? Do you have to potty? Do you want a treat (dogs)? What do you want for dinner? What do you want to do? Don’t do that! No! Stop it! Don’t pee on the floor! (dogs… and child)

– Complain Not enough hours in the day. not enough money in the bank. not enough coupons to save us money. when do I get ‘me’ time? I’m tired of cleaning/cooking/washing clothes.

– Manage Keep track of pay dates, pay bills, schedule appointments, grocery shop, remind Hubs to take trash out/mow yard/pick up dirty laundry, organize vacations/day trips, bring enough snacks and toys for long car rides. You get the idea.

– Entertain Buy toys, wrap Christmas and birthday presents, plan parties, plan play dates, spend an hour and a half in a movie about talking dogs, run around with Nerf guns, step on Hot Wheels and cry out in pain (yea, apparently this is funny).

– Day dream A clean house, a manicured lawn, a bathroom with locking door, a chef who not only prepares food, but grocery shops, a spotless car interior…oh yes.

– Love Big squeezy hugs, big sloppy kisses, cuddle during a thunderstorm. That’s what makes it all worth while.

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