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Tips For Workplace Wellness

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The pandemic, inflation, and numerous other stressors have made mental health at work more important than ever. Mental health concerns have increased over the last two years, unsurprisingly, and being mentally well at work is a bigger worry. 

While companies have a long way to prioritize corporate wellness and employee wellbeing, here are some ways that you can improve your mental health at work. 

Begin Your Day With Mindfulness

Studies show that by checking your phone right after waking up, you are priming your brain to be distracted. Think of it like this. Looking at your phone first thing in the morning is the equivalent of having a hundred people in your bedroom shouting at you. This isn’t the best way to start your day. Instead, improve your mental health at work by beginning your morning with a yoga or meditation practice so you can healthily ease into the day. 

Focus On Your Strengths

Rather than focusing on your weaknesses, concentrate on being more of who you already are. Capitalize on your strengths and look for projects that will give you satisfaction. When you use your strengths, the activity will feel more natural to you, and you are more likely to experience accomplishment. 

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

When we compare ourselves to others, it can only lead to low self-esteem and unhappiness. Instead, you should compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Concentrate on healthy improvements that you can make, like measuring yourself against specific goals. That way, you will focus on who you are instead of who you aren’t. 

Start A Gratitude Culture

Studies of gratitude in the workplace have linked it to less stress, fewer sick days, and higher satisfaction with both nobs and co-workers. One way to start a gratitude practice in the office is to write down one thing that went well that day and why. Another good idea is to write a note or an email to someone that you are grateful for. You could even start your team meetings by going around the room and having each person share one thing that they are thankful for. 

Talk It Out

One of the best ways to make an improvement to mental health is to know that you aren’t alone. First, try to find someone that you can trust, like a friend, family member, therapist, or coach, and share your story. You could also go on social media platforms like Facebook and search for groups that concentrate on mental health at work. By joining in the conversation, you will be able to help others too. 

Accept Rather Than Judge Feelings

Fluctuating emotions are a normal part of life. What causes us to worry isn’t the emotion itself, it’s the worry of being judged for that emotion. When we feel fear, sadness, or shame, our first reaction is to reject the feeling. Instead, accept them without judgment. This just means being aware of your emotions, and accepting them, knowing that they won’t last.