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Three Simple Exercises for a Shirt-Ripping Back

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Shirtless muscular fit man working out

Men who want to look fit and muscled tend to invest a lot of their efforts and time on the chest and the biceps. We really can’t blame them since these muscle groups have long been considered the ‘display muscles’ of gym-goers.

Perhaps as a result of this, people also tend to look at these muscles when they assess a man’s physique. For sure, a bulging chest that looks hard and firm won’t go unappreciated. The same goes for huge biceps that look like they could rip the sleeves of the man’s shirt.

But someone who is really into building muscle should not underestimate the importance of developing great back muscles. Not only does a developed back enhance posture, it makes the person look wider. What exercises can one do to develop the back muscles if all he has are a pair of dumbells?

There are actually a lot because a pair of dumbbells is more than enough achieve the ultimate goal. But before anyone tries doing what we are going to share here, they should have themselves checked first for health conditions that may make high-intensity exercises unsafe. Examples of such conditions are chronic back pains and spine issues such as sciatica and pinched nerves.

Hammer Curls

If you have been doing barbell curls for your biceps, then doing hammer curls will be very easy for you. Just hold one dumbbell in each hand in such a way that they resemble a hammer–hence the name. Slowly raise both dumbbells until they touch your shoulders. Slowly bring them back to the starting position. As to how heavy the dumbbells should be, choose the weight that is enough to make you feel the burn. Do at least three rounds of this, with six to eight repetitions in each round.

Now, if you feel  like this exercise is too easy, you can take the complexity up a bit by doing this: when the dumbells touch your shoulders, push them both upward in a press-like fashion. Bring them down to your shoulders again, and then back to the original starting position.

Farmer’s Walk

The farmer’s walk is probably one of the easiest exercises that you can do using dumbbells, which should be heavy enough to make you feel the burn on your shoulders. To do this, lift the dumbbells while you keep your arms stretched downward so that the dumbbells are just hanging on your sides. Walk straight.

This exercise keeps the muscles on your back and shoulders contracted for a sustained period, stimulating them to grow. Do this in three rounds. Cover at least a hundred meters in each round.

Standing Dumbbell Clean and Jerk

The dumbbell clean is a common exercise that targets the thighs through squats. However, we’re going to do it standing here and then combine it with an upward jerk. Do this exercise with one hand at a time. Start by standing with your legs a shoulder width apart. In front of you, place the dumbbell that you are going to use. With your right hand, aggressively pick the dumbbell up and bring it to your right shoulder. From there, bend your knees a little to gain leverage, and then aggressively bring the dumbbell overhead in a jerking motion. Bring the dumbbell to the starting position. Do three rounds of this with three to five repetitions in each round before you transfer to your left hand.


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